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About Humin app

Humin is a new contacts application for the android operating system. What makes the Humin app unique, is its basis on context. This app organizes your contacts not in a purely alphabetical rational sense, but in the context of your relationship with that individual. Humans don’t associate in a rational alphabetical sense, but rather with thoughts and context. For example, Humin might recognize someone in your area and put them in the context of “met last week at the pub.” This is how we associate our relationships. This is how the Humin app works.

Humin not only helps you find a phone number, but it also helps you to gather information based upon your relationship with that person. This process is called contextualized computing and is similar to what Google Now does. Humin is develop to work like the user thinks. Just remember, before investing in this application, be sure to read all of the Humin app user reviews. I hope this article has provided some clarity on the Humin app for you.

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Decide for yourself if the Humin app is a Scam or Legit after reading the user reviews below

Positive Experiences

  • Humin is a game changer! The UX is so simple + beautiful + intuitive. The best features to look out for are searching contacts the way you think (my favorite search is “met last night”) or when you add a new contact’s phone number or email, you’ll see the person’s photo appear! I’ve been beta testing this app for months now and I can’t believe I lived with an alphabetical contact list for so long. The future is here.


  • Absolutely incredible app, it’s already in my bottom four. No more scrolling through alphabetical lists, Humin picks out the contacts that are relevant to me at a given time and place. When I search everything is ordered by how well I know people, and the app does a really good job at knowing who that is. Visual voicemail is a huge plus and has worked flawlessly.


  • It makes the contact list more powerful by syncing with social networks and finding people nearby. The app lets in text or call using an intuitive swipeable interface. “Fantastic Apps”

Negative Experiences

  • It won’t relinquish control of my email, despite Humin’s tech support sending me several codes that are meant to disengage it from (in my case) AT&T’s voicemail system. I’m left to call AT&T’s tech support to explain the situation.


  • It’s a frustration I’ve never experience with any other app, and certainly wasn’t mentioned by Humin as a potential issue. Probably optimistic to think any company would boldly proclaim possible problems with its product, but this one in particular seems to crop up often for Humin that it should merit a mention—or have been solved technologically at this point..


  • As an app Humin probably deserves 3 stars—it adds some nifty features not available in the contacts list and certainly looks more attractive, but also makes certain activities more aggravating (not being able to FaceTime directly from a favorite, for one).
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