Hugs Chilly Mat As Seen on DIY Network’s “I Want That” [REVIEWS]

Hugs Chilly Mat
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About Hugs Chilly Mat

Featured on DIY Network’s TV SHOW “I Want That”, chilly cool Mat by Hugs is made of puncture-resistant material that is non-toxic and doesn’t need to be frozen or chilled. Hugs is dedicated to bringing comfort, health and happiness to pet through unique and innovative pet products. This is the ultimate pet warmer, and your pet will love it. Place anywhere in your home, and let the rest fall into place. Great for your pet to just lay around, and be lazy, and helps with your dogs temperature. Surprise you dog, and bring home this cool mat for your pet today!

Love your dog, and want to try something new? Well your in luck, because the this product known as Chilly Mat will have your pet happy right away. Great for older dogs that are experiencing pain,a and they constantly need some where comfortable to lay or sit in your home, well the Chilly Mat would be perfect. For more information regarding this product, or if you have any unanswered questions, go to the Chilly Cool Mat by “Hugs” reviews, and see it this is best for your dog!

Hugs Chilly Mat Pricing/Details

  • Price: $19.99
  • Contact No: (573)-346-0343
  • Chilly Mats fit any size pet
  • Small,Medium,Large Size available
  • Website:
  • You can find it on >HERE<


Decide for yourself if the Hugs Chilly Mat is a Scam or Legit after reading the user reviews below

Positive Experiences

  • I ordered the large size for my medium size Bichon. Her thick undercoat keeps her warm and she is always trying to cool off on the bare floor. She instantly took to this chilly mat. I put it on top of her bed and she ca sprawl out and stay cool. Excellent product!
  • When I took this chill mat out of the box and opened it up, it was nice and cool to the touch. I put it on the floor to see if our little Pekingese would get on it, but our big fluffy cat got on it instead and laid there. He was loving it!I do use it in the big dog crate on warm nights and the dog does sleep on it. It doesn’t pant anymore when locked in at night.I also take the mat with us in the car for him in case it gets a bit warm.
  • My puppy was like a furnace, even with the central air on. Hugs has changed that. He loves this mat, as soon as he laid down on it, it did just what it was said it would do, it became cool. I use it everywhere for him. Wherever we are his mat is and he uses it in each location, staying cool and relaxed.

Negative Experiences

  • The only drawback to this mat is that it’s slippery. Our lab is 13, so he would slip on it. We had to watch him when he got up or laid down
  • We had this mat but after some use Its busted and leaked at the seam after only a couple of days. .Not good in quality
  • We used ours for about two weeks and then it started to mold. Don’t wast your money.
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