Hot Stamps Hair Designs (As Seen on Tv) [Reviews]

Hot Stamps Hair Designs
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About Hot Stamps Hair Designs (As Seen on Tv)

Hot Stamps are essentially colorful glitter stamps for your hair. They come in four fun patterns & colors like purple peace sign, blue stars, pink hearts, silver flower. Mostly marketed to teenage girls as fun, easy-to-use hair accessory that attracts attention. Small, glitter-filled stamps that are, easy to carry in backpack and comes with a stylish-looking purple carrying case. Promised to turn plain to stylish, hip, fun and fashionable anytime and anywhere. Hot Stamps are safe to use on all hair and easily applied on all hair types, lengths and colors. Made for temporary fun, they will last until you brush or wash your hair, but promised to remain on your hair all day even if you touch them. There are many creative ways to wear Hot Stamps because they come in such beautiful, striking shades, and are glittery so its easy to look stylish with Hot Stamps.


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