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home spa bath pillow
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About Bath Pillow Home Spa – As Seen on TV

The Home Bath Pillow Spa bring the luxury of a spa treatment right to your home. The 3 panel design ensures maximum support while you relax, and the micro poly fiber filled pillow will give you a plush, comforting headrest. The pillow securely attaches with affixed suction cups and its mildew, odor and chemical resistant terry cloth cover easily zips off for cleaning.

The Home Bath Pillow has been seen on TV where it gained its initial customer base. Below are products reviews by customers for the Home Bath Pillow so you can see for yourself the quality of the pillow.

Bath Pillow Home Spa Pricing and Details

  • Product Type: Bath Pillow Spa
  • Product Dimensions:12″ W x 12″ L x 4″ D
  • Price: $19.99 – $49.99

Decide for yourself if the Home Spa Bath Pillow is a Scam or Legit after reading the user reviews below

Positive Experiences

  • The pillow looks great in the tub. It is very comfortable from head to seat! It’s long, supports your shoulders, doesn’t get a hole and air run out. You need this if you’re looking for a great pillow that’s plush but forming.
  • This is my favorite bath pillow ever. I had looked for two years in stores trying to find one. Went on line and took a chance. I love it. I haven’t seen any problems that I read about on this pillow.Fell asleep in tub it was so comfortable. Grandson thinks it is a tub slide.
  • The pillow is wonderful. I have a walkin tub and works great. I am very pleased and would recommend it not only is your head comfortable but so are your shoulders. Works properly, stays clean, I even use it in the pool for leaning against the side.

Negative  Experiences

  • I love my winter evening baths and thought this pillow would help make it more comfortable. Not only does it not stick to the tub and floats, but if you do manage to get one suction cup on, expect it to rip the plastic. CERTAINLY not worth the high price tag. On top of that, when I wanted to return it, I was expected to pay the fee for the return, which would have been about five dollars less than what I paid for it. Terrible product, do NOT buy.
  • It does not stay in place, the suction cups ripped off within days, and the plastic tore within a couple of months. Overpriced for exceptionally low quality. Do not buy!
  • The suction cups come off of the pillow constantly. They stick very well to the tub. They don’t stay with the pillow very well. It quickly became a hassle because the suction cups are not easy to attach back onto the pillow.
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