Himalayan Dog Chew (As Seen on Shark Tank) [REVIEWS]

Himalayan Dog Chew
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About Himalayan Dog Chew (As Seen on Shark Tank)

Himalayan Dog Chews are an all-natural dog treat made in the Himalayan Mountains using a traditional recipe to create a hard cheese chew that is high in protein and won’t stain or smell. Dog chews are a great way to improve oral hygiene in dogs which helps extend their lifespan and give them a fun, delicious toy. Originally featured on Shark Tank after being discovered in the Himalayas, the dog chews are now distributed to retailers nationwide. The creators of the dog chew stand by its quality as they’ve been giving them to their own dogs for 6 years.

Features and Benefits

These chews are an alternative to chemically-based dog treats that use synthetic flavors and have little nutritional benefits, as these chews are made from fresh, natural yak’s milked by farmers in the Himalayan mountains. Some chews have the dangerous issue of breaking off in shards that can damage your dog’s digestive system, but the texture of these chews ensures they are safe for doggy digestive tracts. The chew is also made to last and endure the toughest chewers.


Pricing depends on how many you buy in a pack and what size. on Amazon.com, A one pack is $8.69, a medium 2 pack is $21.15, a 3.5 oz large size is $9.03, and a large 2 pack is $19.95.

Do Himalayan Dog Chews Work?

.Himalayan Dog Chews currently have 4 out of 5 stars on Amazon.com out of 498 customer reviews. Reviewers noted that the treat does not stain, smell, or blister, and provided a great distraction for their dogs and puppies. However, some reviewers noted the chew didn’t last as long as they’d hope, in some cases their dog was able to devour the entire chew in 90 minutes. However, the overwhelming majority comment is that dogs love these chews.

Himalayan Dog Chews PROS and CONS:


  • Doesn’t stain, smell, or blister
  • All natural
  • After the chew is worn down to its smallest size, it can be microwaved and expanded for a quick treat
  • Dogs love them


  • May not last long for heavy chewers
  • Expensive to use as a regular chew

Bottom Line: Should You Use Himalayan Dog Chews?

If the price tag isn’t an issue, then I highly recommend these chews as a way to improve dental health in a dog or puppy. Customers were consistently pleased with this product and cited few issues. The main drawback is a price tag that’s hefty for a dog chew. Because of this, many would consider buying them as a rare treat, but for those who can afford it, these chews are a great way to occupy your dog’s time and teeth.

You can find it on Amazon.com >HERE<

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