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Haunted Hayrides
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About Haunted Hayrides – As Seen on Shark Tank

Haunted Hayrides are a timeless tradition come the month of October. In LA, there is one particular show that few people in the area like to miss. If you aren’t familiar with the attraction, a haunted hayride is similar to an interactive haunted house on a large and open scale. These hayrides typically consist of being carted along in a forest with a narrators, actors, special scare effects, and interactive scenes along the way.

Haunted Hayrides are safe, and a family friendly way for adults and children to spend time together. There is nothing quite like the screams, laughs and quality, time spent together during the Halloween season. Haunted Hayrides was featured on the popular TV show Shark Tank, and there are plenty of reviews to read about the local attraction. Be sure to have a fun and safe Halloween this year!

Haunted Hayrides Pricing/Details

  • Item: Haunted Hayride
  • Price: $0.99 – $9.99
  • Website: www.hauntedhayrides.com
  • Email: darkrides@sbcglobal.net
  • Phone: 314-241-3456

Decide for yourself if the Haunted Hayrides is a Scam or Legit after reading the user reviews below

Positive Experiences

  • The Haunted Hayride is one of the things I most look forward to every Autumn! If you ask me, theme parks during Halloween time are pretty overrated and it’s just so nice being able to do something local. Lines for anything can get pretty long but there are tons of attractions throughout. My main issue with this yearly attraction would have to be consistency. I feel like this year wasn’t nearly as scary as it was other years, but I absolutely love that it everything is brand new every time.


  • I REALLY liked the hayride! I was really impressed with how elaborate everything was. The performers were awesome and the monsters were scary for some, hilarious to me. I’d recommend coming FOR SURE but the purge aspects of it were not worth the additional cost in my opinion. Get there early for a sweet, no walk parking spot (free!) And grab some grub at the grub shack (Fly Fries etc. haha).Don’t miss the hayride though!!!


  • The Hayride itself was very well done with great acting and special effects. It was not very scary and I was probably only startled once. However, if you appreciate haunts and the work that goes into it definitely check out the hayride.

Negative Experiences

  • Came for the first time this year and will definitely never come again. Complete waste of time and money. After waiting in line for about an hour and a half and $30 later you will surely be disappointed.The hayride is not scary at all and they pack you in so tight you can barely even turn to look at the decorations around you … Which is the only thing there is to do! Do yourself a favor and find something else to do!


  • I attended the hayride last year and was absolutely blown away. I could not stop raving about how cool it was. This year I was very disappointed. The ride was much shorter than last year. It also seemed like they cut back. I am so bummed because I was really looking forward to this. The monsters only went after the back of the wagon, so if you weren’t sitting back there, it wasn’t scary at all.


  • Don’t waste your money! The line is long, and the ride is lame. Wasn’t scared. Parking was a disaster, but after going around and around we finally found a parking spot. Overall, I just thought it was not worth $30 to get in. We didn’t even make it to the maze because that line was extremely long.


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