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Grime Boss Hand Wipes
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About Grime Boss Hand Wipes

Grime Boss hand wipes is a product of ‘NICE PAK.’ It is a useful product for people who are on the move like: traveling and it would also be a great option where there is no access to water. Grime Boss Hand Wipes is capable of removing latex paint with a dual-scrubbing action and things such as – grime, grease, adhesive, gunk and oils can also be cleaned with Grime Boss. The product employs a formula – ‘The Pro-Klean Moisturizing,’ which can break into the tough messes for a deeper cleansing.

Quick Details about Grime Boss Hand Wipes

Grime Boss Hand Wipes is made in USA and it is equipped with some great features. You can clean several pieces of equipments and gears like – hunting gear and fishing equipment. Also, it is able to work on different substances (e.g. gun oil and residue, mud & dirt, grease, etc.). On top of that, the hand wipes are can remove bad odors as well. Not to mention that it is a skin safe product as the product is not made out of harsh chemicals. Here are some of the quick details about Grime Boss Hand Wipes –

  • It contains vitamin E and aloe for softening the skin while removing almost all the odors and strains.
  • As stated earlier, the hand wipes would perform a rough scrubbing action for reducing stuck-on grime and residue.
  • There is a smoother side of the hand wipes that is capable of cleaning the hands arms, and face.
  • It is easy-to-carry and the portable pillow pack comprises of 60 pre-moistened wipes.
  • The product is an eco-friendly one that makes sure that each wipe maintains the quality.

Pricing and Return Policy of Grime Boss Hand Wipes

Grime Boss Hand Wipes has different wipe versions. It means the prices will vary according to the number of wipes. Generally, the prices start at £2.99 for the 10-wipe pack, £4.99 for the 30-wipe pack and £8.99 for 60 wipes. You can also replace an item or can get a refund within 30 days of delivery date.

What do other consumers have to say about?

Grime Boss Hand Wipes has received good reviews from the customers. Almost all the customers have liked the hand wipes immensely and some have just warned other people to avoid this had wipes. One customer said that he was delighted with the performance of Grime Boss and he would have no hesitation to endorse this product to everyone. To add to this feedback, another customer pointed out that it was able to clean all the dirt, grease, transmission fluid, and almost everything. It will not leave the hands smelly as well. These glowing reviews prove that the product is a better product than other hand wipes.


Grime Boss Hand Wipes will offer you some great benefits and these benefits are as follows –

  • It is a portable product and you can take them wherever the hunt leads to you.
  • The unscented wipes will not blow the cover. So you can rest assure about it.
  • It will help you in hunting by removing the gun oil and residue.
  • While using Grime Boss, your skin will not be affected.
  • You can easily make yourself clean in areas where water is not accessible.
  • It has three wipe versions (10, 30, and 60) and you can choose any of the versions among them.
  • Grime Boss is an affordable product with the price starts from £2.99 (for 10-pack wipes).


Grime Boss Hand Wipes has received negative remarks. One such remark came from a customer who ordered a 30-pack wipe version. The main complaint was that they were not in one pack with the hinged tab. Also, another customer said that he utterly dissatisfied with the packaging.

What’s the Bottom line – Should you get it?

Nothing is perfect in the world and Grime Boss Hand Wipes has some flaws as well. But, we suggest you to buy the Grime Boss Hand Wipes. It is a good product with proven track record of cleaning the dirt, mud, grease, grime, etc. All in all, it is an affordable product that is worth spending money.

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