Grilla Outdoor Premium BBQ Grill Mat [Reviews]

G'rilla BBQ Mat
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About Grilla Outdoor Premium BBQ Grill Mat

If you love to Grill and be outdoors with your family, than the G’rilla Outdoor premium BBQ grill mat is perfect for you. The lightweight, thin, mat is the ideal protection for you patios, decks, balconies, or driveways. Without damaging   your surfaces outdoors, outside your home, this mat is specially designed to protect messes, and hard to get out stains that may occur. The G’rilla premium BBQ grill mat cleans easily, and is no hassle at all! It takes the place of aluminum foil, and it catches food and juices that leak from the grill. Free of PVA, this environmentally friendly product will satisfy. Saving you money, from expensive repairs, we know that with proper maintenance, you will have no trouble keeping your Grill mat and patio in clean, every time you BBQ!

The Grilla outdoor premium BBQ grill mat is designed for outdoor use to keep your deck protected and stay stain free. Depending on the size of the area where you are grilling, its important your aware of the sizes of the mat, and the size of your grill. Also, to avoid discoloration on any surfaces, its probably best to purchase a larger mat just to be safe. Also, read customer reviews, and familiarize yourself with the product to avoid buying under pressure. Whether the grill mat is right for you, we want you to be happy in your purchase.

G’rilla Outdoor Grill Mat Pricing and Details

RectangularOval$ 18.99


  • Instruction: Do not use above 500 degree Fahrenheit
  • Dimensions: 1 x 13 x 15.8 inches

Decide for yourself if the G’rilla Outdoor Premium BBQ Grill Mat is a Scam or Legit after reading the user reviews below

Positive Experiences

  • Occasionally a kitchen product is created that quickly becomes an essential cooking tool, which is exactly how I view grill mats. Included in this set are three cooking mats – two 15 3/4 by 13 inch grill and one baking mat. I used the grill mats to cook kabobs and ears of corn on a charcoal grill. I poured a large portion of teriyaki sauce on one side of the mat and set the kabobs in it, turning them to completely coat. On the other side I placed buttered ears of super sweet corn. These mats make grilling best and without them almost unthinkable to cook.
  • I was really surprised by how well these work. We cooked our chicken on the grill right on these. The chicken didn’t stick, cooked normally and seemed much juicier, while still getting the flavor from the grill. The baking sheet has only been tested with canned biscuits. Anyway, it worked fine, kept the pan clean and was an easy cleanup. I can’t wait to try it with real baking when rolls around and I fall start making cookies and fattening treats.
  • This mat is a superb product. I was so surprised. It cooked our meat so perfect. It prevented the meat from sticking to the grill. It kept things from falling apart. It even left grill marks on the meat. The food was delicious. I did not expect such excellent results. It was a great gift.

Negative Experiences

  • It was okay at first, but after four uses the mats had developed holes. I will suggest not to buy and not worth it at all.
  • Mat is impossible to clean and after one use the coating is coming off. It is very poor product. Mat set is okay but did not come in the cover with the instructions. Since we already owned some before was not a big deal for us but would have been very disappointing if we had not known how to use them since they came with no information or instructions.
  • I bought this after seeing a posting through online. I guess it works just not what I expected. I used grill to cook eggs and pancakes. The mat got very hot and it moved around a lot. I guess it is a lot thinner than I expected. I am disappointed with the non stick surface. I’m sticking to griddle that I place over grill and it works better.
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