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About Gridmates Solar Energy Crowdfunding

Gridmates allows solar owners and people with surplus energy to share energy in the form of kWh over a cloud platform. The goal of Gridmates Solar Energy Crowdfunding is to eliminate the energy poverty that 40 million people in the U.S. face each day by allowing those who have surplus energy to share it with individuals and organizations who are in need of it. Gridmates works on a secure peer-to-peer cloud based network that requires no additional hardware and no extra fees.

Crowd-sourced energy is an ambitious new field pioneered by Gridmates. Energy sharing opens the door to thousands of new possibilities besides combating energy poverty, including helping disaster areas, transferring energy to and from one’s business or to support a non-profit.  The software is free to use, and currently in its beta phase.

Gridmates Features and Benefits

Gridmates allows people to directly donate energy to those in need and to shelters and other organizations. For example, $15 can provide heating, cooling, warm showers, cooking, laundry, and lights to a resident for approximately seven days, and donations are tax deductible.

Gridmates Pricing

You set the price with Gridmates and they’ll automatically convert it into the equitable kWh, or you can determine how much energy you want to supple and Gridmates will quote you the price.

Does Gridmates Solar Energy Crowdfunding Work?

Non-profits are already partnering with Gridmates to supply electricity to homeless villages and communities. Gridmates has been featured on Forbes, CNBC, EDF and any more. Mobile Loaves and fishes partnered with Gridmates to supply energy to its Community First! village, so it’s safe to say Gridmates is a legit service.

Gridmates PROS and CONS:


  • Share your energy with those who need it on a tax-deductible donation


  • None really, unless you don’t like sharing energy

Bottom Line: Should You Use Gridmates?

If you’re willing and able to help those who struggle with energy poverty, Gridmates Solar Energy Crowdfunding is a great service that allows for peer-to-peer energy sharing. Donations are tax deductible and allow for a direct way to help people in need without going through several charities and such, because you pledge your energy straight to the household in need. Charitable hearts with ample energy to share will love this.

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