Green Garmento Dry Cleaning Bags As Seen on Shark Tank Reviews

Green Garmento Dry Cleaning Bags
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About Green Garmento Bags

Green Garmento is a company that is introducing a new line of multipurpose dry cleaning bags. This bag is a 4 in 1 reusable duffle, laundry, dry cleaning and storage bag. Green Garmento dry cleaning bags are durable, portable, lightweight, recyclable, and require no assembly. By combining one bag to meet a few likeminded needs, Green Garmento can help you save two kinds of green. The purpose is not to change your life, but just to make it a little bit easier by “greening up” your typical laundry/dry cleaning routine.

Green Garmentos Dry Cleaning Bags were a featured product on the popular TV show Shark Tank. Because of this, you have access to the Shark Tank user reviews among other notable user reviews. Every year, there is an estimated use of 300 million lbs of one-use dry cleaning bags that get dumped into landfills. Every Green Garmentos Dry Cleaning Bag is machine washable and most importantly, recyclable.

Green Garmento Bags Details

Decide for yourself if the Green Garmento Dry Cleaning Bags is a Scam or Legit after reading the user reviews below

Positive Experiences

  • Saw this on the news, and loved the idea. I hate all the plastic drycleaning bags. This bag is sturdy enough, but the cleaner we use says they have to put everything in plastic, or else it will wrinkle. My option is to unbag the clothes at pickup and use this for the ride home. Less plastic in my house, but not in the environment in my case.
  • We use this as a travel bag and it holds lots of clothes. Works great for packing for car trips instead of stuffing things into a suitcase and then having to hang them up on arrival. This is “gather hangers of clothes, zip up bag, unzip bag and then hang up”.
  • Great bag, it is large. And the term duffel is a little misleading as it just has a strap on the outside of the bag and you carry it basically as you see it just sideways. It does get all of my husband’s work shirts off my closet floor and into the bag and he is using them (we bought 2 to rotate) all the time. So if he’s happy I am happy. I wish they made a stand for it though so it could have a better spot in our closet

 Negative Experiences

  • I had to return this garment bag because the zipper is on the side of the bag instead of down the center.
  • It would not be practical or easy to access your clothing when traveling


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