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Grab Bags
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About Grab Bags – As Seen on TV

The Grab Bag is a reusable bag and then some. The Grab Bag clips to your shopping cart, making it easy to fill with items at checkout because it stays open. Once you’re at your car, the Grab Bag lifts out of the cart and into your trunk, and the security flap closes over the top to ensure no spilled items. Made of earth-friendly material, compact and storable, and capable of storing 3 times as much as a regular shopping bag and up to 40 pounds, the Grab Bag makes shopping simple.

The Grab Bag has been promoted on As Seen on TV marketing network and has since become very popular for its solutions to common problems like tearing in plastic bags or spilt items in the trunk. The customer reviews below will give you a sense of the reliability and functionality of the Grab Bag.

Decide for yourself if the Grab Bags is a Scam or Legit after reading the user reviews below

Positive Experiences 

  • I just got these a week ago. Today I went to Walmart where I loaded up on frozen goods and to Costco where I loaded up on lots of stuff. It makes it easy to separate and easy to bring into the house. I love these. only problem I had was that if they get heavy they do come off the cart.
  • I’m a big fan of the Grab Bag. These amazing as seen on tv shopping bags are very extensible and sturdy. I can now go grocery shopping and bring home so much more than traditional shopping bags they give you at the counter. I’ve had glass items break through my plastic bags but with Grab Bags they are very durable and keep everything safely in place. I think anyone who purchases these as seen on tv bags will be quite surprised at how well they are designed. Best of all they are environmentally friendly so if you’re a tree hugger or just someone who cares about ht environment you can rest assured that you are doing our planet a favor by using them. Best of all Grab Bags are very inexpensive.
  • Gosh, did I get a different Grab Bag…I bought them at a cheaper price but honestly they are made of high quality canvas…and stretch beautifully across the cart at my local grocery store. California has this new law about plastic bags so I ordered the Grab Bag and I am very happy with them. In fact, ordered more for gift giving. Sturdy, strong and secure.

Negative Experiences 

  • Man they suck I wish I hadn’t never even ordered this junk people please don’t even waste your time and money on this junk. They are to small
  • They are 15 bucks for 3 so what in the world is this. Don’t get cheated out of your money
  • Not sure the use for this at all. Cheaply made and once “clipped” to your cart you load em then when you get to the check stand you HAVE TO EMPTY THEM! So what is the purpose of the “clip” feature if you have to empty it at the check stand, wait for the COMPLETE unload them reload it again to take it home? Wouldn’t it be better to forget the “clip” feature all together? Waste of time.
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