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About is home to a series of videos, tips, and links to help the aspiring golfer learn how to play. Instructional videos offer lessons to beginner and advanced golf players on everything from the rules, etiquette, how to swing, to fixing little problems, and more. In each video golf instructor John Spina is on the green, giving you a lesson for which he could in real life charge a hefty fee.

About John Spina (the inventor of

John Spina is the director of instruction at the Philadelphia Cricket Club. In the past he has received rewards and recognition for his teaching in both Philadelphia Magazine (Top 25 PGA professionals) and Golf Digest (Top 15 teacher in Pennsylvania 2011-12).


The website is entirely free to use.

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You can get in touch with golflessonsonline by emailing

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In general, this website does not show up on many people’s radar. Golf fanatics tend to recommend other sites to those in search of online lessons. However, the instructor in the videos on the site, John Spina, does come recommended. He has the experience under his belt to teach all levels of golf, and has been awarded.

Will benefit you?

With this website being geared in great part to beginners, it could be an easy and cheap way for you to learn how to play golf from someone who has had both experience and recognition in golf instruction. The site will provide basics and lots of tips on how to improve your game. You won’t get the benefits of learning from someone face to face, so if you have trouble learning through written or video instruction this may not be the ideal way for you to learn how to play golf or improve your game. But if this is style that you can learn from, the site is a free way to get professional help.


-The lessons are free.
-All of the lessons come from a professional.
-The lessons are geared toward a variety of levels, including more advanced golfers.


-Learning a sport can be particularly difficult online. Each individual has his/her own problems that arise while learning and practicing that may not be fixable with simple tips from an online source.
-The lessons are not live, like learning in real life is. You have to watch the video and then practice. This could work for some people, though others may struggle with trying to remember everything said and shown in the videos and then actively practicing it.

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