Gobie H2o Water Bottle As Seen on Shark Tank Reviews

Gobie H2o Water Bottle
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About Gobie H2o Water Bottle

The GOBIE H2O is a new kind of reusable, zero-waste filtered water bottle. The GOBIE H2O water bottle holds 22 US fluid ounces and measures 3.25 by 10 inches. This water bottle is BPA free and constructed with an Eastman Tritan material. Made in the USA, the GOBIE H2O stylish, ecologically friendly water bottle with an included filter. Keep hydrated, while saving two kinds of green today.

Avoid filling our landfills with one use plastic water bottles and start using one that can last. GOBIE H2O is a Shark Tank featured product and you therefore have access to their user reviews. Hopefully this article has provided some clarity on the purpose and function of the GOBIE H2O filtered water bottle. Stay hydrated!

Gobie H2o Water Bottle Pricing/Details

Website: www.gobieh2o.com

Price: $29.95

Decide for yourself if the Gobie H2o Water Bottle is a Scam or Legit after reading the user reviews below

Positive Experiences 

  • This is a great bottle and I would recommend buying from the maker’s website. They are on back order but much cheaper.
  • This water bottle is used all day everyday for all of my water drinking. It has not leaked or malfunctioned in any way. The water tastes great and the bottle not only looks good but is very sturdy. I will be purchasing 6 more for my children to take to school and their sporting events.
  • We have the brita and this one, all the family agrees much better to go with gobie. Worth the $ to buy a better product.

 Negative Experiences

  • I bought this bottle for a trip to south america. I was under the impression that the filter would actually make water safe to drink, but that is not the case. The bottle also leaked constantly, which made it useless to travel with. Unless I held it upright the whole time, I ended up with no drinking water and a bag of wet items. The cap is not efficient. It needs to have a chain or some sort of mechanism to keep it attached to the bottle. I lost my cap almost immediately and now my both piece is not protected from the contaminants that the filter is supposed to be doing…which renders it kind of pointless in my opinion. I ended up only using this bottle once and then reverted back to my older water bottles which worked much better. This was an overly priced waste of money in my opinion.
  • This bottle leaks everywhere and the air intake on the side sprays water on you if you aren’t careful when drinking The seal is bad on the mouth piece, hell the seals are bad everywhere. No matter how I position it, this bottle will leak every time. The demonstration makes it look like it’s easy to create enough pressure to send the water through the filter, but the stupid blue squeezy thing on the side doesn’t work at all so it’s impossible to get decent pressure to go through the filter.
    The sharks were right, this product sucks. waste of money for sure
  • Waited months for it to be shipped and now that it’s here I realize the sharks on Shark tank were right to pass on it. Every time I drink it either dribbles or pours water on my shirt. As if that isn’t bad enough, it also gets air in the filter so it’s like drinking through a straw with a hole in it. DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY!
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