Goal Zero Lighthouse 250 [Reviews]

Goal Zero Lighthouse 250
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About Goal Zero Lighthouse 250

The Goal Zero Lighthouse is an LED lantern with adjustable brightness levels and a run time of up to 48 hours. The Goal Zero Lighthouse can be charged from Goal Zero solar panels, any USB port, or using its manual crank for light anywhere. It’s perfectly potable and ideal for emergencies or camping, and includes 4 different light settings- normal, strobe, blinking beacon, and SOS.

Other customers have already tried out the Goal Zero Lighthouse 250, and you can read their reviews posted below to get an idea of how well it works in practice.

Goal Zero Lighthouse 250 Pricing and Details

  • Price: $79.99
  • Contact No: 1-888-794-6250
  • Website: www.goalzero.com
  • Run Time: 2.5 – 48 Hours
  • Recharge from: USB, Solar

Decide for yourself if the Goal Zero Lighthouse 250 is a Scam or Legit after reading the user reviews below

Positive Experiences

  • I bought this for my husband based on the recommendation of a co-worker. This thing is AWESOME!! right out of the box it is very easy to use, very intuitive, and super clever in its design. Great product, very happy with this purchase, works awesome
  • This lantern is excellent for all types of use. The 250 lumen max power is more than enough to light up a dark camp area, and the lower settings are more than effective within a tent.The ability to power your phone, and recharge the battery with the included hand-crank provide an extra degree of comfort when in the outdoors. And the included USB input cable ensures that you don’t forget anything to keep the light powered.
  • Best portable light I’ve found,This is the brightest, most versitle light I’ve found. Many choices of power saving operation. I keep one by the side of the bed for a night light so as to find the bed after turning the main light off. Dual power goes off a lot also.

Negative Experiences

  • Breaks right out of the box,I purchased this product on the 3rd of May, 2014. I was most excited to use the emergency crank feature on the Lighthouse 250. I opened the product and attempted to flip open the crank lever. With about the amount of force it takes to open a soda can the top of the Lighthouse popped off…at first I thought it was supposed to, since it came off with no effort. After quick investigation I discovered the glue welding the two pieces together had failed, and after some internet searching I found this to be a little too common. I really wanted to incorporate this product into our overland kit but a failure of a emergency component is unacceptable. the quality falls short.
  • I was so excited to have finally tracked down a lighthouse 250 at one of the local REI stores, as they have been sold out for some time. The feature that was most important to me was the hand crank for emergency recharging. I actually bought it on the way to a dinner party, and I was raving about it, so all the guys walked out to the garage to see it… I opened the package, went to unfold the crank arm and the top popped right off…no big deal I tough, I can just reattach it…wrong… the glue welding the crank into the recess on the body of the lighthouse had failed. Angry and rather embarrassed
  • We used this a couple of times over the summer. First the crank charger stopped working and now the usb cord will not charge the lantern. Not worth the $80 spent on it
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