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Ghost Drone
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About Ghost Drone

The self-proclaimed “easiest drone to fly,” Ghost Drone is an Indiegogo startup that is controlled solely through its app. While it isn’t new in having app-based controls, it does have unique features such as smartphone tilt control and an auto-follow mode. Ghost Drone has a .6 mile control radius, is compatible with GoPro cameras, and is wind and water resistant with a 30 minute max flight time.. It’s a great hobby for anyone who enjoys exploring and recording their adventures. 

Ghost Drone Features/Benefits/Specs

Ghost drone is controlled exclusively with your smartphone and has an easy learning curve. Features like auto-follow and auto-return mode set the drone apart from competitors as you can set it to automatically track you and return to you if the connection is lost. Video is shot on the included 1080p HD Gimball camera, and the drone can be flown by simply pointing to a spot on the map. The included landing gear protects the camera in landing, the quad propellers are designed for superior balancing, and anti-vibration rubber balls prevent the camera from shaking during aerial filming.

Ghost Drone Pricing

Ghost drone is available on product’s website for $799 and includes the Gimbal camera, the made-for-purpose Ehang Sports camera, and a Micro SD card for storing images.

You can also find it on >HERE<

Is Ghost Drone Worth the Price? gave the drone a rating of “Good,” with 3.5 out of 5 stars. Highlights were the accessible controls, competitive pricing, and design of the product, while lowlights were the battery life (17 minutes with all equipment attached) and lack of a 3rd axis on the Gimball camera. They recommended the drone for anyone new to the drone hobby.

Ghost Drone PROS and CONS:


  • Ghost Drone brings drone flying to a much wider audience thanks to its accessible controls and low price, allowing more people to enjoy taking scenic video or recording otherwise unreachable angles
  • Rain and wind resistant to a moderate degree


  • While comparatively inexpensive, some consumers would balk at the thought of paying $800 for an RC helicopter
  • The flight time isn’t very long when the camera is attached

Bottom Line: Should You Buy the Ghost Drone?

If you’re curious about using a drone as a hobby, this is a great introduction piece. The controls are easy and there are features like auto-follow and auto-return to take the stress out of flying or losing your drone. If you’re willing to make the investment, Ghost Drone will fulfill expectations.

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