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Fresh Patch
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About Fresh Patch

Fresh Patch is an effective all-natural alternative to disposable dog pads and plastic potties. Fresh Patch attracts dogs with its grass scent and traps odors in its complex root structure. The Fresh Patch is ideal for dog owners who live in apartments or have stone patios as it allows the dog to use the backyard without having to leash up for a walk whenever they need to go.

Fresh Patch Features and Benefits

Each normal patch measures 16”x24” and suits dogs up to 25 lbs, while the Fresh Patch XL measures 2 ft. by 4 ft. and can accommodate large or multi-dog homes. A continuous delivery service will automatically replace the patch on a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly schedule. The patch is completely disposable and requires no cleaning.


The standard Fresh Patch is available for $29 on the company website and the Fresh Patch XL is priced depending on delivery, with the West Coast costing $30, Central $40, and East Coast $50.

You can find it on >HERE<

Does Fresh Patch Work?

Fresh Patch currently has 4 out of 5 stars on out of 600 reviews. The majority of reviews are 5 star, and customers praised the effectiveness of the odor control and lack of required maintenance. Some owners didn’t need to train their dog to us Fresh Patch and found they were happy to use it on their own. The consensus is Fresh Patch works well for retaining odors and most dogs easily and quickly acclimated to it

Fresh Patch PROS and CONS:


  • Very slightly and gives a positive, natural vibe to the home and for the dog
  • Great for potty training puppies
  • Smells good
  • Dirt free


  • Subscription services give a discount, but it’s still more expensive than other alternatives like fake grass or pee pads
  • Some customers had yellow grass upon receiving their order

Bottom Line: Should Your Pet Use Fresh Patch?

If you live in an apartment or lack a backyard, the Fresh Patch is an ideal solution so you don’t have to go outside with your dog every time they need to go. It won’t smell and is easily disposed of when it’s time for a replacement, which can be set up as a subscription on the website. It’s more expensive than some synthetic grasses, especially since it needs replacement, but it’s all more environmentally friendly and likeable for the dog. Overall, Fresh Patch makes a great doggy potty.

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