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What is Fitness 19?

It’s a large chain of small-size fitness centers operating in the United States. It’s rapidly gaining in popularity, since it was founded, for its low cost and state of the art facilities and now is presented in over 160+ locations. Just like all other fitness centers, it was established to make people strengthen muscles, stay in shape, lose weight, lower the risk of cardiovascular diseases in later life and keep people healthy.

Some of the leading industry experts who realized that traditional fitness clubs weren’t providing the kind of results that people wanted, and their approach were also less than desirable. Because of their shortcomings in 2003, Nick Milat, Robert Lineberger and Earl Wilson decided on the Fitness 19 concept: an affordable fitness center that specializes in free weights, cardio equipment and strength training. Wilson has 25 years experience running several clubs. His first club, Maple Valley, began operations in 1997, and it is from the Maple Valley concept that the Fitness 19 fundamentals were set.

Membership benefits:

  • Fitness 19 gym provides it’s members with state of the art facilities and equipment for free weights, cardio and strength training.
  • The gym is filled with the latest equipment necessary for you to get in shape and top your performance.
  • Each Fitness 19 gym has ample space and room for you to conduct workouts in no rush.
  • Fitness 19 offers members use of the latest cardiovascular equipment that will help you reach your goal of becoming fit and healthy.
  • Each gym is equipped with treadmills, lifecycles, and elliptical cross trainers that were ergonomically designed and fitted with heart monitoring systems to ensure you are in the peak of health and always on top of your game. With the cardio equipment available you’ll be burning those calories and toning your muscles in no time.

About Fitness 19:

  • Type: private
  • Genre: Fitness/Gym
  • Founder: Nick Milat, Robert Lineberger and Earl Wilson
  • Established: 2003
  • Number of locations: 160+
  • Area Served: United States
  • Office Headquarters: 8110 West Union Hills Drive, Glendale, Arizona 85308 USA
  • Corporate Phone Number: 1-623-825-5900
  • Customer Service Number: 1-623-825-5900

Decide for yourself if Fitness 19 is a Scam or Legit after reading the user reviews below

Positive Experiences

  • (Buena Park, CA) Affordable price. I really like this place and it’s nice for the price! I was very impressed by the updated gym equipment and the kids play area is nice.
  • (Anaheim, CA) Cleanliness. The facility is clean, with a variety of up-to-date cardio and weight lifting machines. Everyone here is always very helpful.Great atmosphere and very affordable.
  • (San Jose, CA) Referral bonus. Been going to Fitnes19 for 2 months. I only pay 9 bucks since I referred 2 of my cousins. no frills and it gets the job done

Negative Experiences

  • (Buena Park, CA) Hidden charge. HELL NO!  This place doesn’t seem to believe in air conditioning.  When you cancel your membership there are all kinds of hidden fees they charge you that they don’t tell you about.
  • (Fullerton, CA) Gym size. It’s a tiny gym. There’s not much space to do what I need to do in the free-weight area even if it’s empty. In order to dead lift, I have to take a bar from the bench press and move out next to the pulleys and rows so I won’t be in the way of people at the dumbbells. Or, I can use their ONE squat rack which has a line that lead out the door almost always. And I know I said that there are a lot of machines, but for someone who uses mostly free weights and prefers free-weight, this is frustrating. It’s strange to share the body roller/ box jump/ bosu ball/ battle rope area just so essentially one person can utilize the space. If anything, maybe 4 people can inadequately use that space for stretching while being out in the open.
  • (La Palma, CA) Irresponsible. I made the mistake of joining this gym and promptly cancelled the next day.  As others have posted, the low price is deceiving as you have hidden annual fee and price lock fee and last two month membership fee.  They do not accept credit card as payment, that should have raised red flags, but regardless here I am waiting for my refund.  I cancelled within the allowed 5 business days.  Been waiting 1.5 months and I haven’t been able to get a hold of the “finance manager” and they can’t find my cancellation form.  Made multiple calls and showed up in person.

Not every gym is perfect & each gym has its flaws. Fitness 19 is a good compromise between budget and amenities. If you’re new to a gym and want to see what the environment is like, this is the gym for you. Basically this gym is for people who need latest quality equipment to work out but not all the overrated pampering. We help you review Fitness 19.

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