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The website, provides television services online. The service boasts numerous live streaming channels as well as video on demand. You can access an enormous amount of both international and local content for free without even subscribing. This makes a cheaper alternative to traditional television services.

Quick Details about

  • 500 Live HQ Channels
  • 500 Live Low Res Channels
  • 45,000 HQ Videos On Demand
  • 45,000 Low Res Videos On Demand

Depending on your location you may have access to various channels found on broadcast television such as CBS, NBC, Fox, CNN, Disney, BBC, PBS, ESPN, Discovery, and many more. The on demand videos cover almost every category you can think of including films, documentaries, animation, sports, and comedies. Pricing & Refund Policy

The large amount content available for free on FilmOn is impressive, however it is limited to only low resolution channels and videos. When viewing on a high definition smart television the picture may appear grainy or pixelated. To upgrade to HQ quality you need to take advantage of one of FilmOn’s subscription options. The two main subscriptions are:

  • $15 per month
  • $149 per year

Both subscription options include all of the HQ channels and videos as well as 10 hours of HQ recording space. In addition to the standard subscription services, there are also subscriptions for DVR’s which range from $5/month for 3 hours to $190/year for 300 hours. Lastly, you can subscribe to individual channels for as low as $0.99 per month which is a great option if you want to pick and choose the channels you want. The refund policy states that all payments are non-refundable.

What Do Other Consumers Have to Say about

The reception of from the consumer standpoint has been extremely positive. It seems that the only people claiming to have a problem with the internet-based television service are the broadcast television networks, out of fear that FilmOn will replace traditional television providers. Consumers are impressed with the enormous amount of content hosted on the site. The videos and channels seem to be of great quality although a common complaint are the ads that you must watch/skip through when starting a video. In addition, users love the interactivity of being able to post their own on demand videos. There also has been a FilmOn app released which allows you to access the site’s content from smart phones and televisions.

Whats the Bottom line? Should you use

Don’t get rid of your broadcast television service just yet. Although is a great alternative to traditional television models, it does not replace typical television services just yet. Because of the controversy over hosting channels that are already available on broadcast television, does not provide consistency. Some areas can access big name channels while other areas cannot, due to local laws protecting the broadcast television services. Before coughing up the money for a subscription, we suggest doing some research into what channels are available to you in your area. There is plenty of free content on, so take a look at what is offered before you sign up. Pros and Cons:


  • Large collection of free videos and channels
  • Subscription pricing is reasonable
  • High Quality formats available
  • Access to international television
  • Ability to post your videos and create your own channels


  • Subscription needed for high quality videos and channels
  • Free service is of poor quality
  • Broadcast channels are not available in all areas
  • Annoying ads before and during videos

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