Elliottkosmicki.com [REVIEWS]

Elliottkosmicki.com [REVIEWS]

About Elliottkosmicki.com

Elliott Kosmicki focuses on assisting home and small businesses with network marketing and SEO services. His network marketing company is named Life Matters, which was previously named Life Shotz. His SEO, marketing, and design company is named Kosella. He also has a company named My Lead System Pro, MLSP, which trains in internet marketing techniques with a focus on generating leads.

Quick Details about Elliottkosmicki.com

  • Focusses on assisting home and small businesses
  • Elliott Kosmicki operates three companies
    • ‘Life Shotz’ – Network marketing
    • ‘Kosella’ – SEO, marketing, and design
    • ‘My Lead System Pro’ – Internet marketing techniques to generate leads

Elliottkosmicki.com Pricing & Refund Policy

Elliott Kosmicki operates three companies with different purposes. Each of these three companies offer different rates for their services. ‘Life Matters’ is not currently partnering with any new distributors, therefore the rates for this company are not listed at this time. There is a trial of ‘My Lead System Pro’ available for $10, however to acquire information about the regular rates you need to find register your e-mail address and sign up for the trial. The ‘Kosella’ website does not have rates posted for it’s services. Overall, none of Elliot Kosmicki’s companies make it clear to the public how much they charge for the services they offer.

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What Do Other Consumers Have to Say about Elliottkosmicki.com?

Consumer reviews and information about Elliott Kosmicki and his three companies are nearly impossible to find. When searching for this information all that shows up are articles written by Elliott Kosmicki reviewing other companies and services. It seems alarming that there are no honest consumer reviews of Elliot Kosmicki’s companies.

Pros and Cons


  • Assists home and small businesses in network marketing and SEO services


  • Lack of consumer reviews
  • No rates listed for services offered

Whats the Bottom line? Should you use Elliottkosmicki.com?

I do not suggest using the services offered by Elliot Kosmicki’s companies. This is because almost all reputable companies have a multitude of positive consumer reviews to be found online and Elliot Kosmicki’s companies simply do not. Furthermore, any company that does not list it’s rates for services seems dishonest and raises red flags.

Elliottkosmicki.com Contact Info.

– Website: https://elliottkosmicki.com

– Phone: Not available

– Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pullandpop

– Twitter: https://twitter.com/elliottkosmicki


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