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About the Eggstractor – As Seen on TV

Eggstracor is the fastest, easiest way to peel boiled eggs. Just tap the egg on its tips, set it in the Eggstractor and press down on the billow. A perfectly shelled egg pops out below, and the shell is stored inside the Eggstractor for easy cleanup. Eggstractor allows you to make a variety of meals without the fuss of peeling off egg shells, and is a great easy to clean gadget for cooking while camping. Included in each order is the Eggstractor, recipe book and an egg slicer.

The Eggstractor egg peeler was first seen on TV where it demonstrated how easy it is to get perfectly shelled eggs with no mess. There’s no guesswork for you over whether this product works, just scroll below to read Eggstractor user reviews and see for yourself how it holds up.

Eggstractor Pricing and Details

  • Price:$19.95
  • Contact No: (1-888-477-5666)
  • ship to all countries in the world
  • Our products are shipped same day ordered.
  • 7 x 7 x 10 inches

Decide for yourself if the Eggstractor is a Scam or Legit after reading the user reviews below

Positive Experiences

  • I don’t understand all the bad reviews bz I get a smooth egg out 99% of the time. Be sure to read instructions, use salt in boiling water. Remember fat end needs to be well cracked for egg to push out of its bottom. Pierce a hole on skinny top completely through skin and woosh, you’ve got a peeled egg. Don’t know why it isn’t working for others bz it works for me. I should do a video sometime.
  • This product works, although not as perfect as the commercial leads you to believe. Of the first 5 eggs we did not one came out perfect – BUT, most of the shells were removed. I think it IS a time saver, and with the proper touch it could work just like you see on tv. Seriously, how much can you expect? Give it a whirl – for $10 its cheap entertainment. And its easy…
  • This is a pretty cool product, wife uses it, but she explained to me how it works, and she loves it. Seems to be worth the money.

Negative Experiences

  • 4 Dozen eggs, multiple reviews of the instructions (which I followed perfectly!) and I never ONCE had the dang thing work properly. The only positive I can possibly think of is that is was like a puzzle I was trying to solve, but unfortunately never could.
  • I was very excited to find this product. We have a homeless ministry, and spend so much time pealing eggs. This would have been such a God-send … if it would have worked. We tried everything. But it simply doesn’t do what they claim that it can do. Very disappointing!
  • I raise chickens and hard boil a lot of eggs. If I use store-bought eggs which have a very thin shell, it works about 60-70% of the time as long as you use large enough eggs. Farm raised chicken eggs have thicker shells and the eggstractor does not work at all, so for me it is worthless.
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