Helix EcoMower Reel Mower – As Seen on Shark Tank [Reviews]

Helix EcoMower Reel Mower
User Rating: 2.5 (45 votes)

About Helix EcoMower Reel Mower

As its name implies, the Helix EcoMower is an eco-friendly lawn mower. The original designer repaired lawn mowers for a living and eventually realized that after seeing so many, he could combine the best features of all of them and create something truly innovative; and so the Helix EcoMower was born. The Helix EcoMower is 60% easier to push than other traditional reel mowers. Additionally, it has a higher cutting height and twice as much cutting strength as the next leading competitor.

Helix Reel mowers are typically ideal for trimming well maintained yards. Their inherent ability to tackle tough weeds and vines makes them a very practical choice today. The Helix EcoMower was a featured product on the popular TV show Shark Tank. Just remember, before investing in the Drop Stop Automotive Car Seat Gap Filler, be sure to thoroughly read all of the user reviews including the Shark Tank reviews. Here at Revyolo.com we want this article to be completely transparent and provide clarity on this reel mower, plus keep you informed on the potential decisions you might make.

Helix EcoMower Reel Mower Pricing/Details

Website: www.ecomowers.com

Price: $279.00

Cutting width: 16”

Cutting Height: 1.5” to 3.5”

Weight: 21lbs

Maintenance Difficulty: Easy

Decide for yourself if the Helix EcoMower Reel Mower is a Scam or Legit after reading the user reviews below


Positive Experiences

  • This reel mower is easy enough to push that I can do it (for short periods of time), even though I’m not in good health. It’s nice to be able to mow without the pollution a gas mower blows out, and it doesn’t seem to stir up the allergy-inducing molds as much, either.One drawback is that it can’t be used on wet lawns. I live in a rainy area, and the grass hasn’t been dry enough to mow for several months, and will soon have grown too high for the mower. I will have to hire someone to cut it short again, so I can use the EcoMower when the weather clears.
  • It would be best to use it on small, level lawns.
  • The mower is extremely light weight.  I’m 5’2″ weighing 112 and can pick it up with one hand.  YET it mows my fine bladed grass with quick efficiency.
  • Great product.  No complaints.  It is very light and cuts well.  A relief from worrying about gas related issues and engine problems.  Takes about the same amount of time to cut my lawn.

Negative Experiences

  • I definitely would NOT recommend this for everyone. Do see the significant downsides I list as well as my reasons for giving it 5 stars.
  • Doesn’t cut very well – not worth the investment
  • This thing broke when it hit a very rise in the ground. Complained to the company and they sent us ANOTHER mower. This one didn’t work either. Fed up with two of these in my garage currently. Had the original repaired, but it still clicks and clangs from something being bent. Not my fav.
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