Eco Nuts Organic Laundry Soap – As Seen on Shark Tank Reviews

Eco Nuts Organic Laundry Soap
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About Eco Nuts Organic Laundry Soap

Eco Nuts are an earth-friendly substitute for laundry detergent. These small organic nuts come from a tree high upon the Himalayan Mountains. Because they are naturally occurring source of soap, they are USDA approved. All you have to do is place 4-5 nuts into a small cloth bag and toss them in your washing machine. Eco Nuts last roughly 10 loads a piece, thus you’ll be saving more than one kind of green. This is an easy switch from traditional laundry detergent for those who would like to try and be a little for ecologically minded.

Eco Nuts alternative laundry soap was featured on the popular TV show Shark Tank. According to some user reviews, the Eco Nuts proved very effective in the total cleansing of their laundry. But remember, in order to receive the clearest picture, you should continue to thoroughly read the rest of the Eco Nuts organic laundry soap user reviews. Hopefully this article has provide some clarity on what these small berries do and how they work.

Eco Nuts Pricing/Details

Price: $9.99

Weight: 8 oz


Phone: 1-(855)-932-6688

Decide for yourself if the Eco Nuts Organic Laundry Soap is a Scam or Legit after reading the user reviews below


Positive View

  • I feel good knowing that there aren’t any chemicals added to my family’s clothing. My girls who are 5 and 9 love to do their own laundry…it’s fun!
  • It really gives the laundry a “fresh” smell, a REAL fresh smell, not that crappy perfume-y smell!
  • This is such an amazing product! I have allergies with some detergents but not with Eco Nuts. They work really well, they even get those grimy workout clothes completely clean. The nuts last so long too, I definitely get at least 100 loads and then some with this box!


Negative View

  • I really wanted to love this product after seeing it on Shark Tank, but like other reviewers have pointed out, it’s not good for heavily soiled clothes like gym clothes. After washing my clothes, I noticed that the pit area on my shirts still smelled after they dried. They were ok when I took them out of the washer. We also washed our sheets and it left this sticky film on our sheets that was very uncomfortable to sleep in.
  • These do, indeed, last, and it is a great concept. We were very happy with the first few washes, but over time (about 2 months of use, switched out the old nuts, so that’s not the problem), I found that our clothes just weren’t getting clean enough. Couldn’t handle the stink of heavily used exercise clothing. Wasn’t great on organic stains on towels and our cloth table napkins. I might still use them for loads of delicates, but I had to switch back to using regular detergent.
  • Does not work like they say. Tried this on my sheets – whew – what a stinker. I’m going back to my regular detergent. If I want “eco friendly” guess I’ll go with Method.
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