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This online retail company has been in business since 2004. They sell items any typical department store or say Amazon would sell, like entertainment items, home items, attire, etc. They are actually sellers on Amazon and eBay. What sets them apart from other online retail stores is the fact that they sell at the lowest price they can get and offer free shipping. They also offer wholesale products that businesses can purchase. Through their Make Money Program, you post reviews and info/coupons of their products and deals online such as through Facebook, and receive money. Their goal as a company is to give their customers the best price and better service online.

About EachBuyer.com

The company is a big seller on eBay and Amazon. They sell tens of thousands of items each day. They sell as many items as they can to ensure their customers receive plenty of options, and at the best price they can get. The site has quick sales each day as well as a large selection of clearance items, providing even more savings.

Customer Reviews

The majority of customer reviews for Each Buyer have been not been positive. Many customers seem to be rather displeased with their service. People often note that either their products never came or shipping took much longer than was expected. Complaints also include costumer service, with people mentioning how they could not get in contact or communication was very slow. Some customers have also said that their products were faulty or not working properly. However, the few more positive reviews out there state that Each Buyer got them their product more quickly than they expected or they were satisfied with their purchase.

Payment, Shipping, Refunds, and Warranties

Your payment options for this site include PayPal or bank transfer. The Each Buyer policy is such that shipping is always free. This means no matter how many products you buy or where you are shipping to, your shipping is free. If you want to return whatever you purchase, you may do so for free within 30 days and receive a refund. Each Buyer offers a one year warranty on their products.

Contact Information

You can contact Each Buyer by emailing cs@eachbuyer.com or calling their UK office at 00 44 118 3287177 or their HK office at 00 852 8191 5696.

Bottom Line

If the customer backlash does not scare you, this online retail company might just be the place where you’ll find your new tablet or pair of jeans at a cheaper price. Or perhaps even some merchandise for your small business, though it might take you a while to actually receive your purchases. The site is what is, one where you can find cheap stuff. If you can’t find it on Amazon, don’t trust eBay, or you’re just hunting for the best price, EachBuyer.com is in your line of options for buying the things you want. The site shouldn’t necessarily be your first option however.


-Free shipping

-Affordable products

-Wholesale for businesses

-Frequent deals/sales


-Slow to receive your purchased items (some have even claimed to not receive their purchases at all).

-Slow or poor customer service.

-While they offer a money making program, they have a long list of requirements and the money is quite low. Plus, the reviews you post have to promote Each Buyer.

-They only accept two forms of payment.

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