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DynaVibe GX-2
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About DynaVibe GX-2

DynaVibe GX is a balancing system that delivers you faster balancing and the ability to identify complex vibration problems. This product can guide you through the dynamic balancing process, promptly and easily. The DynaVibe GX analyze a lot of types of vibrations. With the DynaVibe it can tell you how to weight to add for the best results, with not a lot of runups! Also, you’ll have a powerful analysis, and comfort in knowing how flexible the GX is. Different problems require different approaches, and DynaVibe GX can find problems and tell you so you’ll know what issues to fix! Do more with the product DynaVibe, and find problems at the source.

If the product DynaVibe GX sounds right for you, than you should definitely look more into it, and read the DynaVibe GX reviews! Have smoother ride, feel the difference, and you will experience truly experience the changes in no time.You will get accurate aircraft statistics in real time, that are stunning. This affordable product could change how you see flying, and make you satisfied. If this product is right for you, than you should research more about it, and consider it for you or someone else.

DynaVibe GX-2 Pricing/Details

  • Product Type: DynaVibe dynamic propeller balancer
  • Price: $1,495.00 – $3,995.00
  • Manufacture Parts: GX2
  • Email: sales@rpxtech.com
  • Website: www.rpxtech.com
  • Phone: 1-469-708-8779


Decide for yourself if the DynaVibe GX-2 is a Scam or Legit after reading the user reviews below

Positive Experiences

  • I used it on my RV-12, one Pulsar, an RV-4, and an RV-6 all with excellent results. Its in perfect condition and I will add an adapter for a Lycoming engine. Includes the display unit, cables, sensors, instruction manual and reflector tape. Nice product!!!
  • I want to jump in and say we just love the DynaVibe! I setup a program with my local EAA Chapter where we bought a DynaVibe unit and Me and another chapter member are doing dynamic balance jobs for all our planes. It’s easy to use and works great. Now with my 3 blade ivo prop and 912, I thought the Kitfox was smooth compared to my RV. It started at .3 ips and after using the DynaVibe it’s in the range of .03 to .05 ips.
  • We have been using the Dynavibe now for about 2 years. We have balanced the Rotax 912, Subaru, Lycoming, Continental and Garrett turbines with perfect results. So far we haven’t had anything we couldn’t balance. It’s a great product at a reasonable price.

Negative Experiences

  • GynaVibe GX2 sooooo much tough to use. Even at the lower RPM’s there is a big difference. The best analogy I can think of is like getting new tires for the car. Even though it did not seem real rough before, afterward it is so smooth. I think I even gained 30-40 rpm on top end.
  • I bought one of your balancers directly and to start off I love this piece of equipment! But it’s working capacity very poor. After balancing a couple of props I have it down to were I can’t judge how much weight to add so I get down to less than 0.1 IPS in just a couple of runs.
  • The cost / benefit analysis is so high, as I buy, sell, build & re-build RV aircraft. The Aces balancer you mentioned is too expensive, this one is $1,500 which seems too high to me.
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