Dura Tent Outdoor Table Top – As Seen on Shark Tank Reviews

Dura Tent Outdoor Table Top
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About Dura Tent Outdoor Table Top

The Dura-Tent is an all-purpose utilitarian table tent that fits on the end of picnic tables. This is practical in many ways for many situations. The Dura-Tent comes in a small, compact carrying pouch. It assembles very easily with its bungee cords and attached poles. The unit as a whole is very easy to clean and can be transported from event to event without any problems. The Dura-Tent has over 29 cubic of volume and is perfect for RV and camping trips because it keeps your food clean from different pests.

Dura-Tent was a featured product on the popular TV show Shark Tank. Think about how many situations that you’ve been in where you wished you had something to protect your food and provide shade outdoors. This is the entire purpose of the Dura-Tent. Just remember, before investing in the Dura-Tent, be sure to thoroughly read all of the user reviews. Here at Revyolo.com we want this article to provide clarity on this product and keep you informed on the potential decisions you might make.

Dura Tent Table Top Pricing/Details

  • Website: www.allthosethingsilove.com
  • Price: $19.95

Decide for yourself if the Dura Tent Outdoor Table Top is a Scam or Legit after reading the user reviews below

 Positive Experiences

  • I used this item for a outdoor birthday party. It was the hit of the party and every one commented on it. It kept the flies out of our food. It is large enough so that I could put most of our food in it. I am purchasing several more for myself and my sisters . Great product.
  • I have purchased five of these food tents. They are great for parties, cookouts and camping. I would recommend getting at least two. Although they are a good size, two food tents can fit end to end on an eight foot folding table. We like to put several cold items in one and then hot items in the other. I bought an extra to put chips, dip, plates and napkins in. I really like this item. Easy set up and wipe down if food gets on it. Shop around for the $19.99 price; it is worth it at this price.
  • Love love love this idea!!! Keeps the bugs at bay!! What a Great Product!! This item was featured on Shark Tank and I had to have it!!!! Thanks Shark Tank!!!

Negative Experiences 

  • I’m fairly educated and pretty good with my hands but this thing would be impossible to put together without at least three extra hands even if it weren’t missing one of the channels necessary to hold part of the frame. Insert frame pieces where they go on one side and they come out of place on the other. Very poor quality, would not recommend.
  • Was the perfect size for what I needed, but the flap didn’t close enough to keep the flies out. Would not recommend.
  • Was totally not what the picture showed it was just a flimsy white mesh umbrella you put over the food.I am trying to return it!!
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