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Dump Cakes
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About Dump Cakes “As Seen on TV”

Dump Cakes is a cool recipe book that takes the hassle of mixing and measuring out of dessert making process by showing you how to just dump things into a pan and baking them to make your own delicious sweet creations in minutes. Dump Cakes cook book is presented by Cathy Mitchell. The appeal is that there is no frustrating measuring involved because the recipes in “Dump Cakes” cook book exclude the need for pre-measured ingredients but require only those ingredients that mix well together. Dump Cakes cooking technique is really simple and requires only 2 steps; just dump and bake. This easy to follow cookbook has 250+ unbelievably delicious, quick-to-fix recipes for any occasion including cakes, pies, brownies, bread and more. No measuring, no sloppiness, no mistakes, great desserts on your tables.

Product Details

  • Cover: Hardcover
  • Page: 288
  • Price: $10 plus P&H
  • Shipping Weight:1 pounds
  • Recipes: 250+
  • Measurements: 6-1/4″W x 9-1/2″H x 1/2″ Deep
  • Publisher: Publications International, Ltd
  • Guarantee: 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • Country of Origin: USA

Product Features/Benefits

  • Over 250 incredibly delicious recipes that you just dump and bake.
  • No more measuring or mess.
  • Perfect for last-minute guests, snacks or weeknight desserts for the family.
  • Includes recipes for cakes made with juicy berries, tropical fruit, fall flavors and even candies and cookies.
  • All the recipes are easy to prepare and saves time.
  • Five star dessert.
  • Coffee cakes, Mug cakes, Snack cakes, Bundt cakes, Brownies and more.
  • Includes metric conversion chart.

Decide for yourself if the Dump Cakes is a Scam or Legit after reading the user reviews below

Positive view

  • My girlfriend has this book and while I was visiting her recently she made the Peach Melba Cake and it was absolutely delightfully delicious!! I ordered the book as soon as I returned home and I have had the opportunity of making several of the recipes and all have been delicious and very easy to make. I would highly recommend this book to anyone who enjoys cooking and enjoys serving delicious desserts to family and friends. 
  • Easy to make recipes. Lets you be a hero in the kitchen with a small amount of effort. Great variety of tastes and textures.
  • This is a great book! My first recipe to try was the cherry dump cake and it was delicious and easy. I recommend people to buy this book. Even though I make a lot of my desserts from scratch, sometimes I like to take the easy route in cooking and this is the book to go to. I will be trying other recipes real soon.

 Negative View

  • I was pretty disappointed. There are only a couple of “dumps – cake” recipes the rest are just regular. I feel the hype was very miss leading.
  • I thought that all the recipes in the book would be dump type, however only a small portion of the recipes are short. The rest are normal and require mixing, etc.
  • The TV Commercials for this book claimed that you have no more than three ingredients, and you don’t even use a mixing bowl. You just dump one ingredient over another right in the baking dish. This is not true. I’ve used several recipes from the book, and have enjoyed doing them, but there’s an extra bowl and ingredients you must use. There may be very few of them in this book that qualify, but over all, if you’re looking for a “Dump Cake” recipe book, dump this book!
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5 Reviews

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