Digit (Money Saving App) [REVIEWS]

Digit (Money Saving App) [reviews]

About Digit (Money Saving App)

Between paying off debts, bills, and other expenses, it’s sometimes very difficult to get into the habit of consistently saving money. The Digit money saving app offers a solution for this to help it’s users save money without needing to consciously set aside savings. Digit connects to your checking account and then analyzes how much you can afford to set aside for savings every few days. This money is then transferred from your checking account to an FDIC insured account provided by Digit. The average amount of savings transferred out of an account ranges from about $5-$50 depending on the individual. When the saving are requested, Digit will transfer the money right back into your checking account. Digit also offers a no-overdraft guarantee to insure that it’s users accounts never get overdrawn. Furthermore, if you sign up for Digit Plus you can receive .05 cents for every $100 that has been left in your Digit account for 3 months.

Quick Details about Digit (Money Saving App)

  • Connects to checking account and analyzes spending to determine how much savings can be afforded.
  • Transfers between $5-50 from checking account very few days into an FDIC insured Digit account.
  • When funds are requested Digit will transfer money back int checking account.
  • Signing up for Digit Plus offers users .05 cents per $100 that has been left in the Digit account for 3 months
  • No-overdraft guarantee provides peace of mind knowing that accounts won’t be overdrawn.
  • Transfers are made via sms text messages and cannot be made using the website or mobile app.

Digit (Money Saving App) Pricing & Refund Policy

The Digit money saving app is completely free to use. Furthermore, the Digit Plus service is also completely free to sign up. Because there are no fees, there is also no need for refund/warranty policies.

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What Do Other Consumers Have to Say about Digit (Money Saving App)?

Users have been mostly satisfied with the service that Digit offers. While the money saving app can be very helpful, it also will not accumulate a huge amount of savings nor will it make anyone rich. The amount saved is directly correspondent to the amount of money in your checking account and your normal spending habits. Therefore, unless you have an enormous checking account this app will only accumulate a small amount of extra money for you.

Pros and Cons


  • Connects to checking account to analyze spending habits and the amount of savings that can be afforded
  • Automatically transfers money from checking account to FDIC insured Digit account
  • Money can be transferred back into checking account within 1 business day
  • No-overdraft guarantee ensures that account will not be overdrawn
  • Signing up for Digit Plus can earn .05 cents for every $100 saved and left in account for 3 months
  • Digit’s service is completely free


  • Transfers can only be accomplished through sms text messages. The website and mobile app cannot process transactions.

What’s the Bottom line? Should you use Digit (Money Saving App)?

If saving money is difficult for you than I definitely recommend using the Digit money saving app. There really is nothing to lose because the service provided is absolutely free. This is a helpful way to accumulate a small amount of extra savings for an emergency or unexpected expense. However, if your financial situation is in serious need of help than don’t expect Digit to make all your problems go away. Furthermore, if you are looking to aggressively accumulate saving than I recommend pursuing other options.

Digit (Money Saving App) Contact Info.

– Website: https://digit.co

– Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/hellodigit

– Twitter: https://twitter.com/hellodigit

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