DevBootcamp [REVIEWS]

DevBootcamp [REVIEWS]

About DevBootcamp

DevBootcamp is a fast-paced and concentrated web development course. It was founded by Shereef Bishay, Jesse Farmer, and Dave Hoover in 2012. The course is a 19-week integrated course that offers hands-on experience on coding and web development. As a learner, you will be thrown into competency-based coding challenges. And at the same time, you will be learning the basics programming by Ruby, JavaScript, Rails, SQL, HTML and CSS. The entire course is arranged with test-driven design, pair programming, and agile workplace environment. Besides, the students of DevBootcamp will learn directly from industry expert developers. They will teach the students how to cope in a moving and dynamic industry. In short,

Quick Details about DevBootcamp

  1. DevBootcamp is an intensive web development course.
  2. DevBootcamp has four campuses – New York, Chicago, San Francisco, and San Diego.
  3. It is a 19-week course that is divided into three parts. These are –
  • 9 weeks part-time remote
  • 9 weeks on-campus immersive
  • 1-week job-search preparation
  1. The course includes competency-based coding challenges for the learners.
  2. The teachers of this course will put importance on self-reliance and resilience with an effective learning process.
  3. Those who will graduate from DevBootcamp will have excellent experience in Ruby on Rails, HTML5 & CSS, JavaScript, Agile Development, Test Driven Development Git and Source Control, and Advanced Web Technologies.
  4. 80% of the time, the enrolled students will learn about coding and the remaining time, the students will learn about Engineering Empathy or Yoga.
  5. DevBootcamp course also utilizes the services of mental health professionals to make sure that the students have proper mindset regarding their work.

Pricing & Refund Policy of DevBootcamp

The cost of DevBootcamp couse varies depending on the regional cost of living –

  • Chicago: $12,700
  • San Francisco: $13,950
  • New York City: $13,950
  • San Diego: $12,700

In case you leave the program, they will offer partial refunds at different stages during the program. The refund amount will depend on how much of the portion of the program you have finished.

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What Do Other Consumers Have to Say about DevBootcamp?

Since the inception, DevBootcamp has become a success. It has been featured in some of the biggest news media like – CNN, New York Times, NBC, Chicago Tribune, etc. Despite all these endorsements from the news media, the graduate students have mixed reactions such as some students have talked about glowingly. They have recognized that they have learned a great deal while taking courses from DevBootcamp. However, some students have said they wasted their time and money. They couldn’t deal with the pressure of self-reliance or fast-paced nature of the course. So, it is a 50/50 tie for DevBootcamp.

Pros and Cons of DevBootcamp


  • Compared to other courses, DevBootcamp is cheaper and quicker way to learn about web development.
  • You will have applicable skills that you can implement immediately.
  • After finishing the course, you will have strong web development skills.
  • The course is designed effectively, which allows the students to learn to listen and lead.
  • DevBootcamp certification will help you to land a web development job.
  • You will have a great network with fellow graduates or alumni’s of DevBootcamp.


  • DevBootcamp course is not suitable to students who don’t know about self-reliance process.
  • It might be too fast for a completely newbie student.

What’s the Bottom line? Should you get DevBootcamp?

We are suggesting you to get enroll into the course of DevBootcamp. But before getting admitted, you must have the desire to change careers and you have to have the capacity to afford the tuition fees. And most importantly, you must be flexible and smart to take your opportunities. Besides, it’s tough and intense course one which will test your perseverance and determination. So, if you have these in you, you should definitely go for DevBootcamp. Without these things, you will not be a successful graduate from DevBootcamp.

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