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Dawan Global Solar Backpack
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About Dawan Global Solar Backpack

Where ever your adventures take you, always stay connected and powered with the solar power backpack. It’s comfortable, convenient, and charges from the sun! The Dawan Global Solar backpack can charge your devices from inside the backpack, which leaves your hands free to do other things. This product is sturdy, yet lightweight to carry, and easy to take along with you for any activity. Purchasing this backpack is truly the way to go because solar power is a from a renewable energy, that is cost-efficient, and economically valuable. This product is rain resistant, airport friendly, and comes with a warranty. With the powerful 3 watt solar panel, it has the ability to charge a laptop, which is perfect for school, or camping in an area that has no signal. Take everything along with you, when you use the Dawan global solar backpack.

This product is great for anyone of all ages, that wants to save energy, and that is always on to go. Take the Dawan Global Solar backpack with you anywhere you and never have to worry about your devices dying, because thanks to the solar panels on the actual backpack, it charges any device you have right from the sun. This product comes with a battery included, and with the amazing storage space, be in control of your items, and never be in a sticky spot again. For further information concerning the solar backpack, we always encourage you to read the Dawan Global Solar backpack user reviews! For your benefit, its important that you know as much information on the product as possible, and we hope you make the right choice, for you and your family.

Dawan Global Solar Backpack Pricing/Details

  • Price: $139.99 – $249.99
  • Power: Discharge Rate (to charge another device): 1A
  • Portable Battery Capacity: 2200 mAh
  • Lifetime: 500 charges
  • Website: www.dawanglobal.com
  • Email: help@dawan5.com
  • Phone: 1-855-231-0885

Decide for yourself if the Dawan Global Solar Backpack is a Scam or Legit after reading the user reviews below

Positive Experiences

  • I bought this backpack last week hoping for a good backpack. When I received it, I was very excited and nervous thinking that it could probably be a waste of money. When I just saw it and touched it I knew it is lifetime. The materials which it is made of, are of an excellent quality and waterproof!The panel is perfect and very light. I 100% recommended! Worth the money!
  • This is a great pack. I use it for college and now I don’t have to worry about if my ipod, cell phone is charge or try to find the adapter or an outlet. Just plug it into the pack and go.
  • Great Backpack for overnighting…along with the hydration pack…that makes it an all purpose backpack I do not see any negative aspects of this backpack.

Negative Experiences

  • I was excited to get this backpack for my boyfriend for our Africa camping trip. The backpack had a nice design and he loved it at first. The problem was the cheap build quality. The seams came loose in three different places and the buckle of one of the straps just broke completely after 2 months use. While it seems like a great idea and it looks nice, it feel apart WAY to easy. Super cheaply built. Save your money!!!
  • The solar panel is nice to have to charge my cell phone when no electricity is around. The panel must be in direct sunlight to get the most charging power. The backpack pockets are kind of tight and the main compartment where a laptop can be stored does not open completely, but otherwise a good product.
  • have to say lost faith in solar backpacks after getting this didnt even work once waste of money didnt even get to return it because couldnt get ahold of company
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