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Cuddle Tunes Teddy Bear
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About Cuddle Tunes Teddy Bear

CuddleTunes is an adorable teddy bear with a technological twist. Besides looking cute and cuddly, this teddy bear has a hidden MP3 player inside. CuddleTunes appeared on the hit TV show Shark Tank and was a huge success. This teddy bear allows you to record both music and voice messages online, so even if you are traveling you can still have updated bedtime stories and goodnight wishes for you children. CuddleTunes is compatible with both Mac and Windows so you always have the means to refresh the content.

CuddleTunes provides a modern twist on an old toy making it a delight for young children. With one gigabyte built in memory and an easy to use interface, it’s no wonder this toy has been such a success. As one user said, “you can be there even when you aren’t.” This high tech toy may not be for everyone, and it is essential to read the user review on the CuddleTunes teddy bear. Remember, you can have other family members upload their voices to so it’s fun for the family!

Product Details:

  • Price: $59.95
  • Product Dimensions: 7 x 4 x 10 inches
  • Website:
  • Manufacturer recommended age: 6 months and up

Decide for yourself if the Cuddle Tunes Teddy Bear is a Scam or Legit after reading the user reviews below


Positive Experiences

  • The bear is very easy to use–I imagine a child at least as young as 2 could figure it out. On the feet are soft, felt buttons for volume, track forward/back, and play/stop. There is a red LED inside the bear’s chest that beats like a heart when it is on. It will turn itself off after about 10 seconds of inactivity. The MP3 player is preloaded with 5 lullabies.
  • It seems very safe as well. The MP3 play is embedded inside the bear, in an unopenable, non-removable plastic pod. The bear has a fairly innocuous velcro slit in the seam of its back to access the pod, where there is a short USB cable and an on/off switch (in case you want to totally disable the bear)–that’s it.
  • This is quite possibly one of my favorite gifts I have ever given. I have four local grandchildren, and now a new one who is an 8 hour drive away. I’m very close to my local grandchildren and have been trying to figure out ways to be as close as I can be to this far away granddaughter. I happened to catch an episode of Shark Tank featuring this product while I was trying to come up with Christmas ideas, and before the episode was over I had bought this bear. It is the perfect idea for my situation.

 Negative Experiences

  • My only major complaint is that no instructions come with the bear except reference to the manufacturer’s website, which is fairly primitive, buggy and is not helpful at all. It just gives you the ability to purchase a custom soundtrack and upload your own MP3’s to be programmed into the bear, but for $20. This is not necessary, but it took me days to figure out how to load music correctly myself. When plugging the bear into the computer’s USB port, it appears as a memory drive, where you can drag and drop files. Seems simple enough. However, after much head scratching, trial and error, I figured out that each MP3 file name must begin with a number (i.e. 01, 02, 03, etc.) and the bear will play the files in that order. If the files are unnumbered, they will not play. If there are multiples of the same number, only one of the tracks with that number will play. Additionally, the files must be MP3’s. Tracks pulled directly from a CD (MP4) and most from iTunes (various file types) will not work. I downloaded some freeware (Music Disc Creator) to convert MP4’s to MP3 and now we’re good to go.
  • After less than a month of use, the track forward button started to fail. Now, after about 6 weeks of use, it completely failed and the track back and play/stop buttons are also starting to fail. This has rendered the bear almost useless for music playing and is now just another stuffed animal to add to my son’s collection–a very expensive one at that. Unfortunately, this is just outside of Amazon’s return period. The manufacturer mentions no warranty on their website and have not responded to my email inquiry.
  • This bear idea has everything to be the best thing ever but the quality is so bad… I’m trying to upload more songs to the current ones but the bear is not updating it. The computer shows I’ve deleted the songs and added more but when I test on the bear it doesn’t update. Also, the website is so bugged… it is horrible. You cant scroll down properly and uploading song via their website is a nightmare. Also, we couldnt find out how to recharge the bear. after many trials my husband figured out that you need to turn the bear off and then charge it otherwise it doesn’t work. I would not recommend anyone to buy this.



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