Coolaroo Elevated Indoor/Outdoor Dog Cot [Reviews]

coolaroo pet bed
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About Coolaroo Elevated Indoor/Outdoor Dog Cot

The fabric on this unique cot is made using UV stabilized high density polyethylene materials that are safe for animals. Dogs love this pet cot because it allows cooling air and breezes to pass through in summer while elevating them from cold floors fall and winter. In addition, the fabric also acts as a great back scratcher so do not be surprised to see your pet having a good roll around on the pet cot. The structure of the design also makes this pet cot ideal for older or injured dogs with orthopedic concerns or injuries. The pet cot is easy to assemble and can be cleaned by using just water and soap. It is flea and mite resistant. This product can be used by different varieties of dog breeds including border collie, cocker spaniel, kelpie and bull terrier, as well as cats and other kinds four legged pets.

The classic lofty pet cot combines distinctive Coolaroo knitted fabric with a tough powder coated steel frame for maximum comfort and durability for a medium to a large size pet. It is made from 185gsm Coolaroo brand knitted fabric that will not crack or tear and is mold and mildew resistant.

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  • Available in two sizes : medium and large
  • UV stabilized, 185gsm knitted fabric
  • Powder coated black stainless steel frame
  • Keeps pets cool in summer and off cold floors in winter
  • Fabric will not tear or crack
  • Resists fleas and mites
  • Easy to clean fabric with soap and water
  • Suitable for large dog breeds, cats & other four legged pets.5 year limited warranty against UV degradation


Medium (42″ L x 26″ W) Size

  • Overall: 8″ H x 26″ W x 42″ D
  • Overall Product Weight: 6lbs

Large (51″ L x 32″ W) Size

  • Overall: 8″ H x 32″ W x 51″ D
  • Overall Product Weight: 7lbs


Just like any pet product, either your pet will like the cot or it might not like this “Coolaroo” cot. As far as looking at the quality of the product we think it’s made very well and smart. Over all based on general customer feedback, pet owners love this cot and as well as their pets seem like they enjoy it as well. Price and quality on this cot is very well meets a superior value.

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