Collagen and Elastin Skin Cream (Botanic Choice) [REVIEWS]

Collagen and Elastin Skin Cream (Botanic Choice)
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About Collagen and Elastin Skin Cream (Botanic Choice)

Gravity is a winner. Eventually, gravity will win and bring your skin down, giving you the dreaded eye bags and jowls. Your face will become a drooping surrealist depiction of its former self. This is the eventuality that the beauty industry relies on, and so there are countless creams and gels and treatments out there to prevent wrinkles and sagging. Botanic Choice is no different; they think they too have the secret to keeping everyone’s skin looking young and tight. This is where their skin cream Collagen and Elastin Skin Cream, comes in. The cream is loaded with proteins and vitamins that are supposed to strengthen skin, lift it up, and smooth it out.

Quick Insights on Collagen and Elastin Skin Cream (Botanic Choice)

This skin cream is brought to the public by the natural health and beauty company Botanic Choice. They’ve been supplying their products for over a hundred years now. The skin cream has several ingredients, including its namesake protein, collagen. But it also contains natural ingredients that are meant to moisturize the skin. The cream is supposed to be applied at night in very small amounts.

Pricing and Refund Policy for Collagen and Elastin Skin Cream (Botanic Choice)

One, two ounce jar of this skin cream will either cost you $10 from Botanic Choice, or about $3 from Amazon. Botanic Choice offers a money back guarantee, so you can get a full refund by returning a purchase to them.

Contact Information for Botanic Choice

  • Twitter: @BotanicChoice
  • Facebook:
  • Phone: 1-800-644-8327
  • Website:

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Customer Feedback for Collagen and Elastin Skin Cream

Most people seem to like this skin cream, or even love it, but not necessarily for the reasons that it’s sold for. Customers with positive feedback say that they are satisfied with this product because of the way it feels on their skin and how good of a moisturizer it is. The people that are in love with this product, however, believe this is the real deal. These customers claim that they have used this product and it has either prevented or reduced wrinkles. On the other end of the spectrum, those that are dissatisfied with this product disagree that it works. Some of the complaints have been about its odor and its lack of collagen. While this product has that ingredient in the name, it doesn’t have enough of it for some people. To them, this skin cream is just another lotion out there.

PROS and CONS of Collagen and Elastin Skin Cream (Botanic Choice)


  • Works as an effective moisturizer.
  • This cream is affordable, especially in comparison to many similar creams on the market.


  • The scent of a cosmetic product is always in question, because it will always pull in some people and repel others. With this skin cream you do run the risk of hating how it smells.
  • If you really want to prevent or reduce wrinkles and sagging, you could be sorely let down with this product.

Benefits and Side Effects of Collagen and Elastin Skin Cream

Collagen is the protein that keeps your skin smooth and plump. Soluble Collagen, a main ingredient in this skin cream, is supposed to have a similar benefit. However, this kind of collagen generally either does not absorb into the skin or it’s not enough to actually make a difference. This is because the new protein introduced onto the skin is not part of the skin, in cannot act the same as the body’s natural collagen. But, this added protein does have the benefit of a moisturizer. As far as side effects go, as with any skin cream, the user might experience discomfort if she/he has sensitive skin. But for the most part, it’s safe.

Bottom Line—Collagen and Elastin Skin Cream (Botanic Choice)

Basically, don’t buy this product and expect it to magically wipe away all of those lines and lift up your skin. But, if you’re looking for a good moisturizer, try this out. Enough moisture in the skin can do wonders, and maybe even be enough to make you look better. It’s an affordable skin cream and people seem to like it. Perhaps you would too.

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