Clug Bike Rack Clip [Reviews]

clug bike rack clip
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About “Clug” Bike Rack Clip

Clug is a stylish, easy way to store your bike wherever you need to. The device securely clips onto the front or rear tire of the bike and holds it in place up against the wall. Installation is easy and can be done by drilling two whole and screwing it into the wall or by using picture hanging strips. The Clug comes in three different size options for different tires and a variety of colors to match your bike and home décor. Clug allows you to discreetly store your bike and saves more hassle and space than other storage devices. Designed specifically for environments with limited storage space.

Clug is described as being “a hug for your bike.” Since its successful Kickstarter campaign it’s gained popularity among biking enthusiasts, and now you can read Clug bike rack clip user reviews yourself to see what they have to say about it.


“Clug” Bike Rack Clip Pricing and Details

  • Website:
  • Fits tires 23mm to 32mm.
  • Price: $25.00USD Includes Standard Shipping Worldwide
  • Size: Road Bike Tires, Hybrid Tires, Mountain Bike Tires

Decide for yourself if the Clug Bike Rack Clip is a Scam or Legit after reading the user reviews below

Positive Experiences

  • Thanks team – I received my 3 roadie and 1 hybrid Clugs today. I really enjoyed the packaging and look forward to deciding where I want to mount them and putting them to work!
  • Cheers from Calgary!
  • That looks like a very innovative

Negative Experiences

  • CLUG took my money and I got nothing. I even filled out backer survey still got nothing but CLUG got my cash. Total BS
  • I ordered 1 MTB clug through kickstarter and additional sets of the other two types on the website. Now I received 1 single roadie clug a few weeks ago and am quite confused what is still outstanding (the clug website had quite some issues back when the offer for additional orders was on). Is there a way for me to check what is still outstanding? Thanks
  • Still waiting for the roadie clugs. Being a vancouver person, very disappointed with the large delays (esp. since they “Shipped” on Nov 21 – almost a month ago).
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