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Clearblue Pregnancy Test
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About “Clearblue” Pregnancy Tests

Clearblue is the top charts for home pregnancy and fertility testing and is leading the way in this industry since it has launched it’s first home pregnancy test in 1985 and has been offering a variety of home diagnostic products since then as well. We should say Clearblue is one of those trusted, well established European brands that are in business to provide quality, long lasting products and went into business to become a long term trusted home brands. As of today Clearblue brand is in 47 countries and is based on well established, high-tech technology headquartered in Bedford, United Kingdom. Their research center has reached over 100 clinical studies involving over 500 thousand clinical trial participants over the last 25 years and counting.

Here at Revyolo.com we admire such well respected companies like Clearblue, because of their long term effort to stick to the basic but most effective core values of simply making great products for regular people and becoming a house brand that is accepted by all of its client base.

Clearblue pregnancy tests are claimed by the manufacturer to be so called “Easiest home pregnancy test to use”. Their latest model of Clearblue pregnancy test has a few benefits that the manufacturer wants the users to notice like; A female friendly design for reassurance and comfort, Sharper display for even clearer visibility of results, Its tip changes colors to helps women to perform the test more easily, 3 minute results with easy to read ‘ +’ (positive) or ‘-’ (negative) display tab with a new ergonomically designed handle, and like most pregnancy tests promises the 99% accuracy .

We advise to read users reviews on Clearblue pregnancy tests that are written further down on this page in the following subject field and decide for yourself.

Product Details

Product Dimension (LxWxH): 1.45x 3.55x 6.65

Price: $18.99

Shipping Weight (in lbs): 0.11

Battery Type: Batteries included

Assembled in Country of Origin: United Kingdom

Types of Product

There are different types of Clearblue pregnancy tests such as:

  • Clearblue Digital
  • Clearblue Digital with Conception Indicator
  • Clearblue with Color Change Tip
  • Clearblue Fertility Monitor
  • Clearblue Digital Ovulation test

Using Synopsis

  • Always read the instructions on pack and in the leaflet carefully before use. 
  • If you’re testing early, use the first urine of the day otherwise you can test at any time of day.
  • When you are ready to test remove the pregnancy test stick from the foil wrapper and take off the blue cap and use the test stick immediately.

How to Use Direction:

  1. Simply hold the absorbent color change tip pointing downwards in your urine stream or in a sample of your urine, in a clean dry container, for just 5 seconds.
  2. The Color Change Tip will instantly turn pink showing that urine is being absorbed. Continue holding the Color Change Tip in the urine for the full 5 seconds
  3. Once you’ve done the test, as the pregnancy test begins to work, you will see blue lines start to develop.
  4. Within 3 minutes, your final result will be displayed.
  5. A blue line must be present in the Control Window when you read your result. This line shows that the test has worked.
  6. If no blue line appears in the Control Window within 10 minutes the test has not worked.
  7. It does not matter if one of the lines that make up the ‘+’ symbol is lighter or darker than the other; the result is ‘Pregnant’. Read your result within 10 minutes of doing a test. Ignore any changes to your result after this time.

Clearblue Pregnancy tests Benefits

  • It confirms whether a woman is pregnant with 99% accuracy on the day of the expected period and is therefore as accurate as doctor’s urine test
  • It agrees 98% with estimation of gestational aging by routine ultrasound
  • It is trustworthy
  • It is unique – the ONLY pregnancy test that can estimate time since conception
  • It indicates how many weeks since conception occurred 1-2, 2-3 or more than 3 weeks.
  • It is easy and convenient to use
  • It provides in simple words: “Pregnant” or “Not Pregnant”
  • It is sensitive enough to be used up to 4 days before the period is due


Comparing Clearblue Pregnancy Tests:

Clearblue Clearblue Digital Pregnancy Test with Smart Countdown Clearblue PLUS Pregnancy Test Other Visual Pregnancy Tests
Clear Results in words ü
Line/Plus/Minus Results ü ü
Smart Countdown ü
Long Lasting Digital Display ü
Floodguard stops Over-sampling ü ü
Wide-Wick ü ü
Results in 1-3 minutes ü ü ü
Results in 5 days sooner ü ü ü
+99% Accurate Day of Expected period ü ü ü

Decide for yourself if the “Clearblue” pregnancy tests is a Scam or Legit after reading the user reviews below

Positive View

  • These were able to tell me I was pregnant the moment I thought I was. Would recommend to those who want a reliable test. Of course I didn’t get overly excited until I got it doctor confirmed.
  • This product was accurate for me on the first try. I ended up using all 3 just in case and got to same positive answer.
  • I am so happy with Clearblue tests. I have been using these tests for all my pregnancies. It’s very accurate, and told me I was pregnant 4 days before my period. And you get 3 tests for one price which is great.
  • Gave me very accurate results instantly! This is my definite go to test when my husband and I have another little one.

 Negative View

  • My wife tested on the day of the expected missed period and it either was an extremely almost invisible line (my opinion differed by the minute). I went out and bought a First Response test and of course paid extra because it wasn’t Amazon and tested again. Within a minute, a clear light line appeared leaving no doubts.
  • I prefer the digital because it’s unclear when the test is complete. The line starts to show slowly, so there is a lot of waiting involved, which is not ideal!
  • I purchased the 3 pack and used them one day after another. The first time I got an evaporation line, the second one, I received a dark, very thin, blue positive line right away, and the third was a faint line within the 10 minute timing window. During the time of these Clearblue test, I was also using some of the wondfo and a dollar store test and they all came up negative. I read many many reviews stating how Clearblue has a lot of false positives. So disappointing and a waste of money, not to mention heartbreak.
    My opinion is…going get a First Response or a dollar store test. I gave it one star only because that is the minimum you can put.
  • None of tests worked; the window with the test strip to indicate a successful test (regardless of pregnancy result) was always blank and thus, the results couldn’t be trusted. Very disappointmented. Will never buy this product again.
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