CLC Ultraflex Gel Pro Kneepads [REVIEWS] As Seen on “I Want That”

CLC Ultraflex Gel Kneepads
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About CLC Ultraflex Gel Pro Kneepads

CLC Ultraflex knee pads were featured in DIY Network’s “I Want That” because they work wonders for you body. These knee pads provides maximum cushioning and all day wearability. Durable soft flex rubber straps that adjust to fit all sizes. Stay comfortable through long hours of working, while you are kneeling and never suffer from being in pain again. Sore knees will never be an issue again. A soft outer shell helps protect most surfaces without scratching or scuffing, and there are flexible straps designed to hold on to you while you are moving, so you never have to worry about the Custom Leather Craft Ultraflex knee pads coming off. This product can also be used for yard work, or inside housework, whatever the case, protect your knees, they are valuable!

Working hard sometimes comes with stress on the body, and to help eliminate aching knees, is the Custom Leather Craft Ultraflex Gel Knee pads. The pads offer superior cushioning for your knees and excellent protection for your work surfaces. Men and women can enjoy the convenience of these quality knee pads, because taking care of your body is worth it. If you want to do more background searching about this product, than you should visit the website or read the CustomLeatherCraft GEL knee pad reviews. Start being comfortable instantly, when you get this product today.

CLC Ultraflex Gel Kneepads Pricing/Details

  • Price: $34.95
  • One size fits all


Decide for yourself if the CLC Ultraflex Gel Pro Kneepads is a Scam or Legit after reading the user reviews below

Positive Experiences

  • with my bad knees, these guys are life savers. I’ve used cheaper knee pads before. These are the most comfortable knee pads I’ve ever used. I can wear them all day, then go home and no pain in the knees. You definitely get what you pay for when it comes to knee pads
  • Put down 5 pallets of pavers,so lots of kneeling on not only the pavers,but on packed aggregate.really saved the knees .great product.
  • I bought these for my friend who is helping me with some remodeling. He says they feel better when he is kneeling than any other he has had. He likes to wear shorts and found they were sticking to his skin, so I convinced him to cut the end off of some old tube socks and wear them as liners inside the pads. That works great! We would definitely recommend this product to others and especially to someone who may have had surgery on a knee.

Negative Experiences

  • I purchased these knee pads and after wearing them for a couple of days. I had blisters on my knees from the round circles on the inner side. The strap is SO HARD to get on its horrible . I WOULD NOT NOT recommend theses to anyone I uploaded pictures theses are ALOT better than they were.
  • It takes forever to put them on and take them off. This has to be the stupidest design I’ve ever seen.
  • I work construction and have been through numerous knee pads throughout the years. I gave these a try and it was a big mistake. The straps are awful, making them a pain to get on, then once they’re on you just want to get them off. They’re so uncomfortable and my knees hurt worse with them on than the day I had no choice to go without knee protection. Wish I held on to my receipt. Now I’m stuck with useless knee pads. Do not buy!
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