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Children’s Learning Connection
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Children’s Learning Connection (CLC)

CLC is a learning service in Orange County that specializes in several types of therapy, training, and workshops for children with developmental delays and their parents. They offer speech, occupational, and physical therapy, assessments, and consultations. They provide workshops and programs that help infants, children, and parents. Behavioral consultation and ABA assessments are also available. CLC offers parents and children all of the sources they need, rather than having to seek out professionals elsewhere. CLC provides these services for a wide range of challenges a child or family may be experiencing such as speech or language disorders, apraxia, autism, motor disorders, or behavioral challenges.

About Children’s Learning Connection

CLC has three offices in Orange County but also offer home services to cities in and near Orange County. CLC has specialists and analysts in behavior. They utilize principles that differ from a commonly used philosophy (where the child moves at his/her own pace). Here they apply ABA, or Applied Behavior Analysis that has the therapists set the pace of the child’s learning. CLC has licensed occupational and speech therapists on their staff. Their curriculum is based on current research of various cognitive disorders as well as research on children with autism. CLC accepts insurance. They are partnered with Pacific Child and Family Associates, Autism Services North, Autism Intervention Specialists, and Autism Continuum Therapies.

Contact Information

You can contact CLC by visiting and filling out their message form. They also have phone numbers listed for all of their offices.

What are people saying about CLC?

Most reviews have been very positive about their services. People have mentioned that the staff is great with their children or that CLC has really helped their child. Reviews also mention that CLC has been helpful in trying to accommodate their needs. They also say that CLC has plenty of great information for them.

Paying for Children’s Learning Connection

CLC accepts insurance, but does require that co-pays be paid at each session. If you have full coverage your child should be able to have their treatment paid for with insurance due to new mandates that require insurance companies to provide ABA benefits. If you or your child does not have insurance CLC will work with you to find a source of funding.

Is CLC right for your family?

If therapy, assessments, or consolations are something you and your family is in need of this could be an option to look into. CLC has been providing their services for about ten years, have had positive feedback from the community, have partners such as Pacific Child, and have specialists on staff to work with your family. In addition, they do accept insurance which would be helpful to many families.


-Therapy, assessments, and consultation services.

-Specialists on staff.

-Accepts insurance.

-Families have had good things to say about CLC.


-No guarantee that this will work for your child, it depends on a variety of factors such as if the child and the therapist can work well together. Or, ABA may not be right for your child.

-May not be for you if your family lives outside of their service area.

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