Chamomile Eye Serum (Botanic Choice) [REVIEWS]

Chamomile Eye Serum (Botanic Choice)
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About Chamomile Eye Serum (Botanic Choice)

Before the gray hairs and wrinkles come, there’s usually something else that happens to showcase your age. It’s the eye baggage. The skin underneath the eyes droops or takes on the appearance of the pillows you wish you were still sleeping on, sometimes both. The delicate corners of the eyes then crack. The baggy eyes and crow’s feet are often accompanied by comments like, “You look tired.” There are a lot of tips and products out there that attempt to save us from this. One such product is Botanic Choice’s Chamomile Eye Serum. It’s a small tube of product that rolls onto the skin beneath the eyes to firm it, reduce that pillow look, and even help soften discoloration. The eye serum is supposed to be all you need to really give yourself that soft, awake look.

Quick Insights about Chamomile Eye Serum

Botanic Choice has been in the health and beauty industry selling their natural products for a little over a hundred years. Their product is meant to conveniently fit into your beauty regime as it only has to be applied once, in the morning or at night. There is chamomile and natural moisturizers in it, to help the skin look fresher. The ingredients help this product to stand out from others of its kind, as they not only soften the baggy eye but soothe the skin.

Pricing and Refund Policy for Chamomile Eye Serum (Botanic Choice)

A tube containing a third of an ounce of the eye serum will cost you $12 from Botanic Choice. If you wish to return an item, you can send it back for a full refund.

Contact Information for Botanic Choice

Reviews for Chamomile Eye Serum (Botanic Choice)

People are torn when it comes to this product. They either love it or hate it. Those in the love category claim that this product absolutely works. Positive reviews say that it feels great and makes a difference. However, the not so happy reviews say that this serum is pretty much awful. There have been complaints of it not working and the tube malfunctioning. This means, they couldn’t get the product to actually roll onto their skin.

Benefits and Side Effects of the Main Ingredient in Chamomile Eye Serum (Botanic Choice)

The main ingredient in this eye serum is chamomile extract and oil. Chamomile is known to be used in skincare as it can reduce skin irritation and redness. It can also reduce swelling, especially swelling cause by allergic reactions. There is a small risk in using chamomile however. It’s generally recommended to be avoided during pregnancy or if you are allergic to ragweed pollens. The chamomile can cause a reaction, including rash or anaphylactic shock.

PROS and CONS of Chamomile Eye Serum (Botanic Choice)


  • It can reduce swelling, irritation, and redness.
  • It can help moisturize the skin.
  • It’s quick and easy to use, as it rolls on.


  • This product probably won’t make a difference in crow’s feet.
  • It has the same ingredients and results as many other cosmetic products, which you may already be using, making it a little superfluous.
  • This may be unsafe for this that are pregnant or have allergies.

Bottom Line—Chamomile Eye Serum (Botanic Choice)

This could be a cheaper alternative to other eye serums, but really is it worth it? There are so many other lotions and even make up on the market that already have many, if not all, of the properties that this product has. The bottom line is, if you already use another moisturizer, lotion, or special make up, Chamomile Eye Serum is not worth it. Why bother putting on an additional layer of product, or buying yet another when you can achieve the same result without putting in that extra step? However, with the possible benefit of soothing skin and reducing redness, this product might be worth it if you don’t already have a beauty regime set up.

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