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ABOUT PODO STICKY SELFIE CAMERA Stick and capture—Podo works as easily as that. Podo is a sticky selfie camera that can be mounted into any surfaces, turning it
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ABOUT THE LUMIGON T3 SMARTPHONE Promoted as the first smartphone with night vision camera—Launched in June of 2016, the Lumigon T3 smartphone runs on Android 6.0 and boasts
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ABOUT AMBI BAG Also referred as an “Art Portfolio Backpack”, Ambi-Bag is a hands-free Backpack designed for art materials. QUICK DETAILS ABOUT AMBI BAG Ambi-Bag is a waterproof
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ABOUT WWW.SIMBI.COM is an online cashless marketplace that connects people with various skills and allows them the opportunity to exchange services or work without spending any cash.
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Pixbee App [REV...

About the Pixbee App Pixbee is designed to enhance your iPhone’s camera through filters, stickers, and visual effects. With Pixbee, your phone camera becomes professional cinematic quality. Effects include
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Meerkat App [Re...

About Meerkat App Seamlessly stream live video directly to your twitter followers with the Meerkat App. Meerkat allows you to take a live video that instantly appears in
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