Buttoneer – Replace Buttons in Seconds (As Seen on TV) [REVIEWS]

Buttoneer - Replace Buttons in Seconds (As Seen on TV)
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About Buttoneer – Replace Buttons in Seconds – As Seen on TV

Buttoneer Fastening System is suitable for household and travel needs. If you lose your button, it will replace the button within seconds. Moreover, it is a very useful device for the people who are in need of threading needles. In addition to this, Buttoneer fastening System is very easy-to-use. In order to use it, you need to load a fastener, then hold it and press it. Furthermore, Buttoneer Fastening System is able to repair hundreds of diverse fabric items such as – pants, loose straps, skirts, etc. All in all, it is a product that suits travelers, klutzes, and crafters.

Quick Details about Buttoneer – Replace Buttons in Seconds

Buttoneer Fastening System comprises of a toolkit that include – needle guard, 50 fasteners, 10 buttons, and instructions manual.
The product is made of plastic.
It is lightweight in nature and possesses a compact design.
It will work on almost all the fabrics
It is suited for the household, travel, and office needs.
The product is dry cleaning safe.

Pricing and Refund Policy of Buttoneer – Replace Buttons in Seconds

The price of the Buttoneer Fastening System is $15.50 and you will not be charged any shipping cost (Amazon.com). Also, the product has a refund policy that will allow you to get a refund provided that it doesn’t work at all. Besides, you can also replace the product with an identical piece and you will need to apply for a refund within 30-day of the delivery date.

Contact Information of Buttoneer – Replace Buttons in Seconds

Website: http://ningbo-great2.sell.everychina.com/p-92803393-original-buttoneer.html
Buy it on Amazon.com ( CLICK HERE )

What do other consumers have to say about it?

Buttoneer Fastening System doesn’t have good user rating and it demonstrate that it has a negative market reputation. The product has received a paltry rating of 2.1 out of 5 stars at Amazon.com. Most of the users have provided negative comments and addressed that it doesn’t work the same way as it is in the infomercial.


Pros and Cons of Buttoneer – Replace Buttons in Seconds


It is easy to use than threading a needle.
You will not be required to sew.
It is suitable for household, office, school, and travel needs.
It can repair a loose strap, shirts, and skirts and many more.


The plastic fasteners are too short to load.

It can’t hold the button properly despite getting several fasteners.

The customer support is not responsive.

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What’s the Bottom line – Should you get it?

Based on the concrete facts and reviews, we suggest you not to buy this product. The reason for this is that if you invest in the product and doesn’t get the standard result, you will be a loser in both ways. On the other hand, the company will encounter any loss because even if you get a refund for the product, you will need to bear the shipping cost. So, avoid Buttoneer Fastening System and keep your money in the wallet!

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