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What are Bumpits?

Bumpits are plastic inserts for women’s hair, that pouf up flat hair into Snooki bumps. Bumpits gives long beautiful hair a pageant-queen lift and are largely pitched to young women. Using Hair Bumpits bumps up the volume in your hair. Bumpits take your hair from regular and flat to fabulous in seconds by using volumizing plastic hair inserts without any of heavy creams or gels. Instantly transform your look by placing the piece underneath hair at the crown of your head. Bumpits are self-gripping, banana-shaped plastic inserts that come in three sizes and four different shades — medium blonde, light blonde, black and brunette. Bumpits really works great if you follow these simple instruction: part your hair across the crown of the head, tease the parted hair a couple or three inches high, place the Bumpit on the scalp, pull and fan the hair over the insert. Then spray for good measure. Bumpits really do pump up challenged hair into 1960s-style twists, half updos, and ponytails with some height.

(Bumpits – As Seen on TV) Product details:

Product Dimensions: 3 sizes

  1. Extra large Bumpits – 5″L x 1-1/2″H.
  2. Medium Bumpits – 4-1/2″L x 3/4″H.
  3. Mini Bumpits -1-3/4″L x 1/2″H.
  • Product weight: Depends on selected product.
  • Price: Depends on size and color.
  • Size: 3 (Large Bumpits, Mini Bumpits, Hollywood Bumpits
  • Color: 4 (Light Blonde, Medium Blonde, Brunette and Black.

Bumpits Features/Benefits:

  • Comfortable self gripping inserts gives hair more volume instantly.
  • Create dozens of styles.
  • Easy to use.
  • Includes teasing comb and styling guide.
  • Get salon-styled hair.
  • Bumpits stay firmly, no slippage.
  • Bumpits cost less than a trip to your local salon.
  • Available in black, brunette, dark blonde and light blonde color options.

Decide for yourself if Bumpits is a Scam or Legit after reading the user reviews below


Positive Experiences

  • They work, I have very fine limp hair, but if I back comb a little where they are going to sit they nestle in and do exactly what they are suppose too! Give me the volume on top without so much teasing I risk damaging my hair. They are fun to use for a different look now and then!
  • This is a wonderful product!!! I have dark brown hair and it isn’t very thick but I was able to have AMAZING volume! I recently wore it to a friend’s wedding and then again to a garden party and I got tons of compliments on my hair. The key is, you still have to tease your hair so you can’t see the teeth. With some teasing and fluffing all of the teeth were covered with maximum volume! I am not very talented when it comes to doing hair but this made it look professional.
  • Just love these things! Very useful and easy to put them and arrange different hair styles. If you like your hair with volume, don’t hesitate in buying them.

Negative Experiences

  • Really hard to use. I just threw them away after several attempts. Save yourself some time and money, don’t buy this product. Quality is fine, but the design is really not that smart.
  • I like the product, but do not stay in your hair even if you tease your hair. If you’re wearing this at a party/wedding and you’re dancing it would definitely move down. Only way you could leave it on is if you put bobby pins behind it or make a bun. That’s the only way it would stay on. But if you plan on leaving your hair down and just this Bumpits on top it will not stay.
  • This product was HORRIBLE. I attempted to get this thing to work in my hair for about four hours with no positive results. No matter how many times I tried to use my hair to cover the tiny teeth they always shown through. I have very thick hair so I thought this product would look great. Wrong, it got stuck in my hair every time and I ended up looking like “Elvira”.
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