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BuggyBeds - Bed Bug Trap
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About BuggyBeds ( Bed Bug Trap )

BuggyBeds is a portable bedbug elimination device that will make your bed a safe place to sleep once again. BuggyBeds cartridges are practically unnoticeable because you can stick them anywhere in your house or car. BuggyBeds works in a simple 3-step process (1. Detect 2. Terminate 3. Protect) and creates a peaceful safe environment around you and your family even on the go. Bedbugs are a constant ongoing problem for most places in your house or during travel stays. BuggyBeds bed bug detection works quick to ‘trap and terminate’ bugs around the clock. BuggyBeds monitors are a patented unique plastic cartridges intended to lure and eliminate bedbugs out of your home and away from your family. It doesn’t need to cost a fortune to protect yourself from infestation in your home and definitely doesn’t need to cost you your peace of mind, in fact BuggyBeds will save you money in a long run. A unique patented pesticide free, non-toxic ingredients are used in BuggyBeds formula that is safe to keep around humans and pets, but for bugs, well it’s a different story.

BuggyBeds - Bed Bug Trap

BuggyBeds – Bed Bug Trap

BuggyBeds is basically a low cost method to simply terminate bugs and other insects not only in your bedroom but anywhere you can think of and lasts up to six months. BuggyBeds (also known as Bed Bug Trap) is a successfully launched Shark Tank TV series featured product which only can mean one thing.., it does what they say it will do. But to make sure we not only hear what the advertisers want us to hear, we would like you to consider reading actual reviews from users who have used the BuggyBeds bedbug monitors and see what they have to say about it. Just scroll further down on this page to take a better look on what the BuggyBeds is all about.

Product Details

Price: $9.99 (2 pack)
$14.99 (4 pack)
$39.99 (Protect ‘N Detect Combo Pack twin XL)

  • Phone: 732-455-BUGS(2847)
  • Durability: Up to 6 months
  • Website: buggybeds.com

Decide for yourself if the BuggyBeds (Bed Bug Trap) is a Scam or Legit after reading the user reviews below

Positive Experiences 

  • Easy to use and provide a peace of mind when I travel. Just drop one in your hotel room, guest room or wherever and you’re all set. I’m confused by the negative reviews because these aren’t meant to kill bedbugs, just detect them. If the trap is clear, that’s a good thing! That means no bedbugs.
  • I ordered Buggy Beds for my office after I found out someone had bed bugs at home and was lying on our couch every day that week. With 80+ people in my office day in and day out, it puts my mind at ease to know that we are staying 100% bed bug free! It’s a really helpful and reliable product and I have recommended it to my friends and coworkers. I’m planning to buy more to bring with me when I travel and stay at hotels.
  • I recently moved to Charlotte, NC and to my horror I found out bed bugs were a major issue down here. I knew I needed to take whatever precautions were necessary from these vile insects. After seeing the charismatic founders on an episode of Shark Tank, I went to Home Depot to purchase BuggyBeds. This is one of the better purchases I have made in recent years. The peace of mind BuggyBeds provides is worth its weight in gold. Very effective.

Negative Experiences

  • I travel a lot and hoped this might help not bring home bedbugs – didn’t work at all. Bedbugs did not go near the traps.
  • We’re definitely not buying this product again and will never recommend it to anyone else. We have been dealing with a bed bug issue. It got so bad we’ve had to replace our entire bed (mattresses & headboard, etc.). They were everywhere! But the Bed bug traps which we placed exactly as instructed in the packaging were completely empty! They don’t attract the bed bugs at all. A waste of money.
  • only thing caught was a miniscule spider, while I was still getting bitten by bedbugs (I know ’cause I caught & killed bb’s with my blood in them) in chair in which I placed several traps between myself and any potential nesting spot.
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