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About the Buffer App

Buffer is a new social media app that gives you more control of when you make your updates. Take the social media platform Twitter for example. Depending on the time of day, most of your tweets will not be read. Everyone has various schedules and your followers schedule might not match up with your tweeting schedule. This is where Buffer steps in. Buffer allows you to manage the when your tweets post. By filling the initial “magic box” at the beginning of the day, Buffer will periodically post them for you throughout the day so you don’t need to worry about it.

Buffer is the strongest scheduled social media assistance platform available today. Imagine if you are local to a different time zone than the majority of the people who follow you. Your updates will not match the hours that your followers are even awake. Remedy this with Buffer. Just remember, before purchasing this app, consider reading the user reviews to better understand how the platform works and what other individual’s experiences have been with it.

Decide for yourself if the Buffer.com ( Buffer App ) is a Scam or Legit after reading the user reviews below

Positive Experiences

  •  This is one of the best social media app, I’ve ever used. kudos to bufferapp team


  •  I am using Buffer and never happier with it! Love it so much and I noticed that automation is working absolutely well with it. Top notch compared to HootSuite and Socialoomph honestly speaking.


  • Really amazing post, Leo. I love all the new features and you know I’ve been a Buffer fan for ages. Thanks for continuing to improve the already fantastic!

Negative Experiences

  • It’s not scheduling correctly at all. On website its working good but in app its working as mediocre app. Could you please look into it? I’m unable to schedule apps as per predefined schedule, its asking me the date and time for each tweet. If I press ‘share next’ button tweet is not joining the tweet schedule.


  • App says it connects to FB but keep getting message it cannot send to FB, something about I am not the administrator of my own personal FB page. What’s up with that? It works fine with Twitter account just not FB.


  • This app is a joke and doesn’t work what the hell and how do you work it?! If you only connect to fb and twitter and u have a “SUGGESTIONS” BUTTON DON’T U THINK IT SHOULD WORK?!?!?!?! IDIOTS. This app is a joke doesn’t waste your time.
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