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About Breathometer – As Seen on Shark Tank

Breathometer results

Breathometer results

The Breathometer is a new device that connects to your smartphone and takes the guess work out of safe drinking. The original Breathometer connects to your smartphone’s headphone jack and gives you accurate blood alcohol content results in seconds. The original is portable and easily fits into your pocket or keychain and can deliver 75 reliable BAC tests on a single charge. The Breeze is the new and refined model that connects wirelessly to your smartphone and delivers instant results, including how long until you will be sober. The Breeze is completely portable as well to ensure everyone has a safe and fun night out.

The Breathometer makes safe and fun social drinking a practical reality with it’s easy use and portability. It’s an absolute necessity for anyone who enjoys social drinking, especially for people with less experience. We stand by the Breathometer’s accuracy and you can read the reviews posted below to see personal accounts of its reliability.

 Product details

 Breeze The Original
BatteryCoin Cell BatteryAAA Battery
Battery Life16 months70 test
SensorElectro Chemical Fuel CellAdvanced Semiconductor
Warm up TimeNone35 seconds
Re-CalibrationNot Required~250 tests
Breathometer AppSameSame
Weight.97 oz.96 oz
ConnectivityBluetooth LE WirelessHeadphone Jack

Decide for yourself if the Breathometer is a Scam or Legit after reading the user reviews below

Positive Experiences

  • I have been using my Breeze for a couple days now. Works great for me! Seems pretty accurate too. Easy to use app and nice design of the blue pod, blue lighting and all. Too late to give for gifts this year, but I’ll be handing these out for birthdays for sure.
  • I purchased two of these for my son’s who are both in their 20’s. It is small enough to keep in a pocket and take with them when they are out for the evening. Even if they don’t “need” it, it is good proof (no pun intended) to convince a friend that they aren’t safe enough to be driving. We moms will always worry. This will help a little. I know that they can make a good judgment call before getting behind a wheel and know for sure.
  • The Breathometer is extremely dependable and compact for ease of transport when out. I would highly recommend this product which can save you $ and jail time. I use it on my I-Phone 4S and have had great success with the interface of the IOS platform and results.

Negative Experiences 

  • Do not buy! Mine never gave a single correct result. I tried it sober as a judge and it told me I was drunk as a skunk. I tried it drunk and it told me have fun driving, you’re doing fine. Then it started to error every time after. No customer services, just a canned message about leaving it open for a day to dry out. Please save your money. I’m sending this back.
  • Not accurate. The Original takes a bunch of tries to get it to attach to your phone properly. Takes forever to calibrate. It’s just not worth the money.
  • Terribly disappointed. This was my favorite gift to give. It was for my husband. First off the app that goes along with it never worked. You can’t set up your profile. We tried it on two different phones. So the reading would never be completely accurate without knowing the weight, size, sex etc. even with that we used the breathometer on New Years. It worked although everyone got same reading regardless if they drank a beer or a bottle of wine. Yesterday, Sunday dec 4 my husband went to use it after watching football at bar and it didn’t work at all. It just simply stopped working. I am so mad I got fooled on this one. Do not buy! Terrible product.
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