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Blacklane Transportation
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About Blacklane Transportation

Blacklane Transportation is a professional chauffeur service that functions like popular ride sharing companies but retains the quality and professionalism of limousine companies. Blacklane is perfect for business travelers and private individuals who want to ride with class and comfort. Booking is an easy step-by-step process that can be done from your smartphone, which will also receive alerts on the status of your ride.

Features and Benefits

A quality ride in a luxury class Mercedes vehicle that stands apart from other ridesharing companies. Each fee includes tip, fees, taxes and tolls. Drivers are professional and heavily screened to ensure the most quality applicants, and drivers follow the progress of your flight or train ride to ensure they arrive right on time. Their drivers have knowledge of the city they’re in and as such they can offer suggestions to the customer, and most importantly get you where you need to go. Their service is not just for one person, either. They can drive up to five people. They also offer a choice of car; you can choose a business car or van, or a first class car. There is a flexible waiting period in case you aren’t ready to be picked up or your arrival is late. The waiting period is an hour for airport pick-ups. Blacklane Transportation is available in 180 countries.

BlackLane Transportation Pricing

Fares are dependent on city, destination, and car choice. All fares compete with fares of similar services and taxis, but they include all fees, taxes, as well as the tip. The Blackline Transportation app and website can calculate your fare before you book.

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What are people saying about Blacklane Transportation?

Much of the customer feedback for this service is positive. However, even some of the positive is mixed in with the bad. Customer feedback is on a scale. On the high end of the scale are those that have been completely satisfied, enjoyed the ride and its convenience, and would use the service again. These people speak of the comfort of the ride, how great the driver was, and overall had a good experience. Then there are the customers in the middle that say they had their ups and downs with this service. The key issue for these customers, though they liked the service, was the consistency. Many customers say that sometimes the car was pretty terrible, or sometimes the driver was terrible, whereas other times everything was great. So people weren’t sure what exactly they would get when they used the service. Then there are people on the low end of the scale that hated their experience. It’s to be noted that these customers were much fewer than those that liked the service. But they complained of drivers who were rude, lacked English speaking abilities, or were trying to sell them something (like a tour). The terrible cars also came up in these negative reviews.

Blacklane Transportation PROS and CONS:


  • The service is convenient: you don’t have to wait for a taxi or other form or transportation.
  • You have the option of choosing a first class car and a chauffeur style service, making your transfer more comfortable, perhaps even luxurious.
  • You can find out your fare before you even book the service, so you’ll know what your trip would cost and can decide if it’s worth it.


  • The car or driver that shows up might be a surprise. The service does not have their own cars; they use partners’ cars in each city. So, the car that arrives depends on what is available. The driver also might not speak your language well.
  • While perhaps more convenient, prices might be equal or even more expansive than taking a taxi or other form of transportation.
  • They only transfer up to five passengers.

Bottom Line: Should You Use BlackLane Transportation?

If you don’t mind shelling out the extra money to travel in class and luxury, BlackLane is for you. If you simply want to get from A to B as fast and cheaply as possible, you’d be better off using a different service. But for business class travelers Blacklane is the standard. This service is very much like a taxi, except you have a little more say in it. You can it book it, your tax and tip is included in the fare and paid online, and you can choose which type of car. However, it’s similar to a taxi in that you run the same risk of your driver not being friendly or not speaking your language well. The fare could be the same or higher than taking a taxi. The bottom line is, when all is said and done this service is more convenient. Using the service means transportation from point A is one less thing to worry about before your trip, and you can even treat yourself to the chauffer upgrade. If planning ahead is a plus, and price isn’t a concern, better go with Blacklane.

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