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About Beauty/Grooming Supply

Birchbox is the smartest way to shop and discover beauty supplies. Birchbox works by sending you monthly deliveries of 5 product sampled tailored to fit your personality, skin tone and hair type. Birchbox has an already vast array of men and women’s beauty products, articles and reviews, and is growing more each month. For a low flat rate of $10 a month or $110 a year, you’ll get classic brands and bold new products delivered right to your door. Birchbox also has a generous reward system that allows you to accumulate store credit by reviewing products sent in the monthly box. Beauty/Grooming Supply is the first custom beauty supply monthly delivery service of its kind and offers a place for all beauty and grooming products for women and men. To read user reviews of Birchbox’s products and service, just scroll below.

Birchbox Pricing and Details

  • Product Type: way to shop for beauty, grooming, and lifestyle products
  • Website:
  • Price: $19.99 – $99.00
  • Email:
  • Phone: (877) 487-7272

Decide for yourself if the is a Scam or Legit after reading the user reviews below

Positive Experiences

  • First off, I LOVE Birchbox. The company is amazing and every product they give you is way better than anything you’ll ever find on your own in a drug store. Now for the app, it’s really simple. My only cons are that it’s so simple they leave some things out. I can’t view my account or how many points I’ve racked up (have to go to the website for that). Also wish they had some kind of wish-list option along with the add to cart option. That way I can keep track of all the things I want to try!


  • I love that the app has now made it way easier to review the items from your box!!!! I feel like that is a super big deal!!! But as for the app itself still jumps a lot though when trying to scroll through it . Wish it was a little easier to navigate and didn’t shove a bunch of the SAME PRODUCTS in your face all the time…


  • I’m sincerely obsessed with birch box. The app works great and I love that they’ve recently added the feature where you can review your boxes right in the app. I’ve been a proud birch customer for a little over a year now. I get a box every month and it never gets old. Every women deserves a birch box every month!

Negative Experiences

  • Birchbox was a HUGE disappointment. After more than 3 mix ups with my delivery during the four months I had a subscription, Birchbox simply stopped responding to my emails. Each time a mix up occurred, the company promised to add points to my account, didn’t, and then claimed I’d spent the points on items I never ordered. The company continued to charge my credit card even after confirming that I cancelled my subscription, and when I still had the subscription, sent boxes full of products I had opted out of.


  • First of all it took almost a month for my first box to come, when it did all but 1 sample was only good for 1 use. All samples very small. I read there would be at least 1 full size product and a free gift, there were none! I will give it one more try but not a happy customer at all big rip off!


  • Very bad experience with birchbox in Spain, they attire the people with the beauty blender and after they lié to you in your own face that you did not put a code. It’s not the first time they don t care about to keep the client.
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