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About Beam Smart Projector

Beam is a mobile projector that works with you smart phone via its own app. What sets the Beam Smart Projector apart from other mobile projectors on the market, is its ability to screw into any light socket. While traditional sockets on the ceiling limit the direction of the projection, flexible ones add opportunity. Beam operates on both android and iOS systems and can be plugged into any traditional outlet with a cord. Furthermore, the Beam Smart Projector has 8 Gbs of storage built in. Having the ability to turn any surface into a screen has multiple practical applications such as the projection of the weather in the morning, or the menus of restaurants.

Beam Smart Projector is an innovative product that adds a unique twist to the mobile projector market. When investing in any product, it is important to read its reviews. In this case the Beam Smart Projector review will prove to be invaluable. Here at, we wants you to be happy with you purchase and hold no regrets. No matter what your decision is regarding this mobile projector, the Beam Smart Projector definitely sets itself apart from the competition.

Beam Smart Projector Pricing and Details 

  • It ships with 20,000 hours worth of projection time
  • Max brightness of 100 lumens
  • 854 x 480 resolution
  • two 2-watt speakers
  • 8GB of storage
  • Wifi and Bluetooth capabilities
  • Costs: $349

Decide for yourself if the Beam Smart Projector is a Scam or Legit after reading the user reviews below

Positive Experiences 

  • My son already does this with his projector aimed at the ceiling, connected to a computer. He even built a specially designed wooden stand to hold the projector upright. He and his girlfriend lay on the bed and quite happily watch films.
  • “Watch movies on your bedroom ceiling” if you want deep vein thrombosis.
  • I love the idea of having a projector like this without additional cables on walls or ceilings :-)

Negative Experiences

  • Not impressed… it doesn’t work with a windows table (Surface pro3 with 1080p output). This is a disgrace. I am sure it works wonderfully with Korean tablet products and whatever I-device you may have. Unfortunately, the rest of the world that does not own Samsung or Apple products will lose out on this nifty device. (Yeah, I bought one for my wife and didn’t have access to the documentation at the time)
  • This is the worst product ever! It had been consequently awful I had in order to throw the item. Poor quality all-around. Photograph is very blurry. That claims can it be HDMI appropriate, although, the obviously drastically more painful in comparison with regular classification. You should do not waste dollars with this crap.. Extremely dissatisfied!
  • Projector was not exactly what I expected. Projection was extremely dark and words I wanted could not be seen. I tried working with xolor, but words on a page was too dark to see (when in a dark room).
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