BBQ Branding Iron Seen on DIY Network’s “I Want That” Reviews

BBQ Branding Iron
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About BBQ Branding Iron

Its time to turn your patio into a cattle ranch with this product called the BBQ Branding Iron. Seen on DIY Network’s “I Want That”, this product item is Is a “do it yourself” product that is fun for everyone. While your cooking up a steak on the grill, brand your food, and give them a personal message before they eat their food. Make it funny, and enjoyable for each person. To brand a message, you just slide the letters you want in the right space, and there you have it! The BBQ Branding Iron is easy to handle, washable, and great for family, or friends.

If you love grilling or if you know someone that loves to grill, than make their say and surprise them with the BBQ Branding Iron! You can leave your mark on anything because this stainless-steel is the perfect piece at at barbeque. Curious to see what others thought about it? Visit the website and read the BBQ branding iron reviews, before your decision. Great for searing beef, chicken, pork, or potatoes, give the cook out of the summer, and purchase the BBQ Branding Iron today!

BBQ Branding Iron Pricing/Details

  • Website
  • Contact No: (1-888-433-5788)
  • Price $26.35
  • Brand your food
  • Full Alphabet included
  • Avoid Meat Confusion
  • Customizable brand
  • You can find it on >HERE<

Decide for yourself if the BBQ Branding Iron is a Scam or Legit after reading the user reviews below

Positive Experiences

  • I bought the BBQ Branding Iron for my family’s Yankee Gift Swap, I put it together with a pack of NY strips, it was a BIG hit! Traded three times, it was allot of fun. We’ll see how it works when the winner grills up the steaks.
  • I got this wonderful branding iron not just to brand my steaks on the BBQ but also to burn letters or words into wooden craft objects I make such as bread boards or name and place signs on plywood or pine. I am very very happy with the branding iron and keep finding new things to brand with it!
  • I cannot describe the fun that I had burning humorous messages onto my partners steak with this neat BBQ tool! Needless to say, when he saw my BBQ branding iron he wanted his own too.

Negative Experiences

  • Ordered one for my husband for Christmas. Poor quality, letters fall out of base too easily – impossible to clean properly. Waste of money.
  • So is this really what you can do with 1 set or fake advertising? YOUR NAME HERE has 2 Rs and 3 Es so do we get duplicate common letters or would I need to buy 3 sets to write this?
  • After branding the first piece of meat, the brand itself be quite hot. How do you propose that one changes the letters to brand the next piece of meat? not satisfied
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