BareEase + Cream Kit [REVIEWS]

BareEase + Cream Kit
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About BareEase + Cream Kit (As Seen on Shark Tank)

BareEase + Cream Kit is an all-natural hair removal skin treatment kit that eases the pain of hair removal. Created by anesthesiologist Dr. Edna Ma, BareEase is applied before removal to numb and reduce irritation during the hair removal process using aloe and jojoba. The cream is applied to the bikini area, then the included latex panty isolates the cream to the application area, and after 30 minutes the area will be numb for 20 minutes, making you ready for pain-free hair removal.

BareEase + Cream Kit Features and Benefits

Each set includes a latex panty, a tube of pain-relieving cream and an instructional pamphlet.The active ingredient is lidocaine at its highest non-prescription concentration. Proper application and use of the product will result in a significant decrease in waxing pain.


The BareEase + Cream Kit is available for $18.00 from For the cream itself, it’s $9.50.

You can find it on >HERE<

Does BareEase + Cream Kit Work?

Several testimonials are listed on the website that claim the product significantly reduced waxing pain, giving many the courage to return to a waxing facility. On the product holds 2.6 out of 5 stars, with most reviews citing either a total success or failure with no gray area.

BareEase + Cream Kit Pros and Cons:


  • Aloe Vera soothes and moisturizes skin
  • Active ingredient lidocaine numbs skin after 30 minutes
  • Not tested on animals


  • Some reviewers did not notice any change in pain
  • Non-refundable if it doesn’t work for you

Bottom Line: Should You Use BareEase + Cream Kit?

The online testimonials featured on the website would say yes, but the negative reviews suggest you should be skeptical of the product. However, the positive reviews seemed really happy with the results, and if you hate the pain of a bikini wax and are willing to risk the $18 to try it out, it certainly wouldn’t hurt, as none of the ingredients are harsh or damaging. And if BareEase does work for you, you’ll be joyed you bought it.

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