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About Ball Watches

Ball Watches are quality sportsman’s watches that look sleek, and professional at the same time. Give people something to talk about, and wear a Ball Watch, its guaranteed to make people turn heads. Go for the look that makes you feel good, and wear a watch that reflects your style with every outfit. Styled with roman numeral letters, these watches will knock all your others watches out the park. Become a trendsetter, and make the switch now, and claim your fashion sense with the Ball Watches!

Watches these days all have that same dull, boring look, so why not treat yourself to something nice. Get the Ball Watch product and change the way you tell time. Perfect for those that like watches, and like business men, teachers, receptionist, or lawyers, these watches are trendy, and fashionable. Try your out today and see that other people think about this product by reading Ball Watches reviews. Make a small difference in your life, one watch at a time.

Ball Watches Pricing/Details

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Positive Experiences

  • Just got mine and it’s really a great timepiece. You are dead on. Really looks good and sits very well on my wrist. I have had many Rolexes in the past, and The Ball Engineer GMT is at least equal in quality and in my opinion quite possibly a bit better. A Very beautiful, substantial solidblock of  Very well made. My Rolexes have come and gone but my Ball is here to stay. This will go to my sonand to be handed down to his.You can’t beat the price.
  • I really like these a lot. At this price point I think these will get a lot of attention, and I can certainly appreciate Ball putting a lot of effort into the details of the dial, case, and bracelet. I’m not crazy about a butterfly clasp on a sports watch, but other than that I think these hit all the right notes.
  • The gray dial version was the one that I liked best at BaselWorld. Very classy for what is essentially a retro tool watch design. The use of accent colors on various parts of all of the pieces showed Ball’s attention to detail.

Negative Experiences

  • Over long time spans, I’ve rapidly worn out leather straps of many origins. Switching to steel permanently solved the trouble, & saves money which can be invested in other watches. The telemeter bezel looks good while offering average citizens more options than a tachy. Ball’s price/value ratios are so high, and the design of watch is very common. SO I am not interested in here.
  • Not liked the Ball style and price point. Change the strap buckle from same watch which my friend have bought. Also there customer service very bad, no response to my problem. I’d argue that don’t waste your money or don’t invest in this product. Just Terrible!!!!
  • The watch is so small. I think it was meant for kids not adults. Make sure you see the actual size of the watch before purchasing the product.
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