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Avi Urban Real Estate Seminars
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About Avi Urban Real Estate Seminars

The world of real estate investments can be intimidating for newcomers. Real estate seminars claim to offer the guidance necessary for success in the real estate market. However, most of these seminars are nothing more than scams set up by hustling “real estate gurus” with the intention of making money off inexperienced people.


Who exactly is Avi Urban?

Avi Urban is a former high tech engineer turned successful realtor. He has worked with many clients buying and selling properties in the Silicon Valley neighborhoods of California since 2005. In addition to his realtor services Avi Urban also provides seminars in real estate investing and home buying.

A simple search for reviews of Avi Urban on the internet yielded many positive exclamations about the entrepreneurial realtor. It seems as though all his clients are completely satisfied with what he has to offer them. The amount of highly positive reviews online almost seems suspicious. Surely one client must have been dissatisfied with something along the way. In this day and age of paying for reviews it is often hard to tell which reviews are organic and which have deceitful intentions.

 What Can Avi Urban Teach You About Real Estate?

There are two different seminars currently offered by Avi Urban. These are the Silicon Valley Home Buyers seminar and the Real Estate Investing seminar. Each seminar claims to teach it’s own collection of valuable information related to real estate. Due to the nature of most real estate seminars it’s hard to imagine that Avi Urban’s is any different. However, based off web reviews there could be potential to learn a thing or two from the Avi Urban’s seminars, especially to somebody new to real estate.

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